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When a customer purchase or own a car, he/she must be aware about the vehicle identification number or simply VIN. Basically, it is a 17 character (both digit and capital letters) which acts as an identification mode for any vehicle. Just like fingerprint, no two cars have same VIN. When you purchase a car, you need to cross check and verify the VIN because this identification number help you get to know more about the features, specifications of the model and the manufacturer details. This unique identification number can be used to track some important factors regarding the vehicles such as registrations, warranty, insurance coverage and theft record if any.

Why is to mandatory to VIN Check?

ppsr check

Every car has a unique identification number and it is mandatory for the owner to have the correct number with them. Customers who own a pre-owned car should get vin check for sure. By running a VIN check you’ll obtained most vital information regarding the vehicles past such as past ownership details and odometer ratings. The identification number reveals faulty odometer details and any unpleasant background like theft record or any accident history. Hence, for any unpleasant surprises it is mandatory to keep a track on your cars VIN details.

Types of VIN check

Basically, there are two possible methods through which you can look up for the VIN details of your car. First go for a free VIN check from any authentic government based or go for a more detailed VIN check via private source which will ultimately cost you as per their criteria. Write down the VIN from your cars dashboard. When going for a free VIN check the customer shall not be provided with detailed VHR. Free VIN check will provide basic details and information on theft history and details of prior accidents and damages. It will also provide previous owner details in case of a pre-owned vehicles. But the paid report will provide you with furthermore details and protect the customers from fraud and stolen cars. If you are planning to purchase a car, brand new or owned car, find out the VIN compulsorily and avoid any unpleasant experience.