Car dent is a usual thing and it happens to all cars which in turn makes the car owners to be frustrated thinking about the dent repair. Even though, if you maintain the car with proper care there are several chances to get dent which might occur due to pebble hits or wrong parking and so on. Whatever may be the reason if you have seen your car with a dent then the first thing you would check out for remedy to remove those dents. However, none of them would seek out professional help initially as they do charge high rates and it is quite expensive for normal people. Then what to do? Check down.

Alternative ways to remove car dents:

The majority of people do search for better alternative ways to remove dents from the car. If you too do the same then here are some of the best ways to make paintless dent repair that removes all dent from the car.

  • Plunger usage – In case if you have seen only a minor dent in your car then you can use a plunger to make a paintless dent repair. To make this process you need hot water and a plunger, splash the hot water over the dented area try to pull out the dent using the plunger. This way of approach will works better on plastic parts of the car and make sure to use a cup plunger instead of flange one to get better work.

paintless dent repair?

  • Use boiling water-plastic bumper dents – Just pour high boiling water to the dented area of the plastic bumper, high heat makes the material so flexible where you can easily remove off the dent.
  • Use a hairdryer – If you are not comfortable in using boiling water you can try using a hairdryer which women use for glam. Wondering right but it is a better option just set your hairdryer at high temperature place them 6 inches away from the dented are and start blowing heat over the dent until it pops out.
  • Use dry ice – You can also make use of cooling agent like dry ice to remove small and minor dents in the car just take some dry ice with gloved hands and put on the dented area sudden metal cool make the dent to pop out. But do not try this process in bare hands.
  • Use vacuum cleaner – If not ok with all the above processes you can do it with your vacuum cleaner where the result is based on your cleaner quality. Here, make a small hole in the bottom of the bucket and let the vacuum cleaner nozzle into it. Place the set up over the dented area and switch on the vacuum cleaner go with suction till dent pops out.

Using all these alternate ways you can not only take away the dents in your car but also make paintless dent repair similar to professional care which in turn saves your money!