What is the first thing you check when you plan to buy something online? Online shopping is the most happening thing these days and the most prosperous ones too. With e-commerce sites offering everything at your doorstep, you never really have to venture out at all. Very safe in this pandemic times, isn’t it? It is found that 88% of people trust online reviews before proceeding to make purchases. It gives an idea about whether the product is worth the price, whether delivery was done efficiently, quality of the product as claimed, etc.

The basis on which people trust a business is based on how reliable, how professional you are. More and more positive feedback will increase customer traffic to your business site. The number of stars given by the customers and the basis on which they have assigned them are mentioned clearly.

A potential customer has reason to analyze the basis on which he should buy the product. If a negative response is recorded, the automated response should reply stating that the concern will be looked into and rectified. You could try to handle negative responses this way-providing prompt replies, correcting the mistakes as soon as it is registered, provide assurance to consumers, replace or refund as is possible if the reason is genuine.

Since businesses and customers are interdependent on each other, working on feedback is very essential. Search engines will give more exposure to your site when you become more trustworthy. Every time a search is made regarding the product you sell, your site is recommended.