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Marc Roberts as President of Its Energy

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E11even Is Taking Their Nightlife Brand

Not long ago boxing promoter and housing developer Marc Roberts Miami said of his friend Harvey Silverman: “Silverman is the best thing that ever happened to me. … I am lucky and honored to call Mr. Silverman a [business] life partner. “Today Roberts’ and Silverman’s friendship is shattered amid allegations of fraud and deception. and Citigroup, which follows Silverman with an $ 80 million loan, which could clear up the rest of Silverman’s net worth of $ 300 million in 2007. This proverb is another indication of the type of negligent real estate lending that could be a precautionary measure against major bank balances.

Silverman, 68, met Roberts, 50, in 1988, when Roberts tried to raise money for his company, which promoted boxers like Ray Mercer who won gold at the Olympics. Silverman had risen to a senior position at Spear, Leeds & Kellogg, a New York Stock Exchange specialist company bought in 2000 by Goldman Sachs. Silverman also made a lot of money by investing in Vitamin water maker.

Remembering Marc Roberts

In 2004 Silverman and Marc Roberts Miami invested in Miami Worldcenter, which was to convert 25 hectares of downtown Miami into dormitories, hotels, and office towers. The two took over the 50% ownership that Roberts had publicly put forward and Silverman supported equally, borrowing $ 80 million with his own guarantee. Citigroup, which has borrowed $ 10 million, has asked Silverman to save a total of $ 150 million.

professional boxing

Marc Roberts Miami ideas

But the debt crisis has reduced your chances of both the Miami World center and the Silverman portfolio. At one point the amount of Silverman’s money was soaked in less than $ 150 million, said one lender. Bank loans began to mature this year and were not repaid. As banks demand a loan, Silverman earlier this year sued Roberts for fraud in a federal court in Central Islip, NY alleging Roberts had raised bank loans without Silverman’s knowledge and fraudulent signatures, diverting some of the money to “support his extravagance. of Hawaii and Bentley. Silverman sued the banks, and, in support of the “fraud scheme,” the banks denied.

Roberts says Silverman knew he was withdrawing money from their Marc Roberts Miami business so he could cover his expenses. He further added that Silverman fabricated a statement that he did not have a permit to borrow money. Roberts has sued Silverman for breach of contract.


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The tasks to be carried out by a property manager always concern the communal property. This must be managed from a technical, commercial and legal point of view in the interests of all owners. The condominium itself including the basement and other ancillary rooms is defined as separate property, which is managed by the owner himself at The question of what duties a property management company has is answered by the respective management contract on the basis of the Condominium Act.

Taking care of renting out an apartment does not initially fall under the responsibility of property management for condominiums. Nevertheless, as the landlord, you can entrust the property manager with relevant tasks and make him the contact person for your tenant. A manager can, in accordance with the agreements in the rental agreement for the apartment, handle the annual utility bill.

In addition, the administrator arranges for defective heating systems and other devices to be repaired in accordance with the property management services in Chicago contract. However, the cosmetic repairs specified in the rental agreement must be carried out by the tenant himself and a possible withdrawal from the rental agreement can only be accepted by the owner and thus come into force.


The tasks of property management in condominiums include:

  • Managing the community funds.
  • To enforce the house rules and the resolutions of the apartment owners.
  • To ensure the proper maintenance and repair of the property.


  • Collection and administration of rents
  • Reminders of due rental payments
  • Settlement to the owners
  • Creation of the utility bill
  • Payment of costs incurred
  • Commissioning of utility services
  • Bookkeeping


  • Operation and control of facilities
  • Control of service providers
  • Implementation of maintenance measures
  • Organizing a caretaker
  • Implementation of modernizations


  • Providing information on jurisprudence and legislation
  • Participation in further training measures
  • Negotiation with authorities
  • Representation of the owner as a legal person via third parties

Best services to avail from property management services in Chicago

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Proper management services help in keeping up an accelerated pace of growth, competitive landscape with market pressures. It is necessary to evolve through effective cost management, resource utilization, and automation issues rapidly. Property builders and construction company holders are working on the concept of property management and are also coming up with products focused on with the help of these services. The most popular aspects of good property management services by are;

  • Cost Reduction – Management services can help in reducing wastage, thus promoting cost reduction.
  • Customized Efficiency – People have different needs and choices when it comes to buying a space which makes customized efficiency a master feature.
  • Accuracy of information and other data – Since dealing with real estate and property, there works a lot of data behind it. Thus, achieving accuracy can make it a lot easier to achieve the maximum benefit.

33 Realty

All these aspects and achieved and looked after by the property management services in Chicago of the 33 Realty. The most adopted is part of this service is updated tools and techniques for managing the entire framework with the help of smart machines. On a large scale and it is proved to be helpful with numerous benefits both from the perspective of property constructors, buyers and sellers.

When we are going with the increasing use of management services, it can boost their efficiency and productivity while actively engaging with different consumers via certain platforms that are generally digital and mobile platforms. This is such a step that should be taken, while they are keeping in mind that they need to reduce wastage and have to significantly improve their efficiency.

Why consider property management services in Chicago?

The challenges faced by the management services, real-estate is very much symptomatic as a whole, which has increasingly come in contact with a paradigm shift that the customers select, and in turn they purchase consumer goods and services. According to the recent survey and studies, it is identified that enhanced decision-making and process automation of data transfer are some of the main areas where construction and real estate enterprises lag.

Thus, going with real-estate management framework, the brand can potentially have a positive impact. Thus, its implementation can help us in solving many challenges of the market. It is seen that there is a real need for automation and deeper analysis of the data and information to identify different kinds of patterns that will support cost-effective and accurate decisions.

Top reasons to work with realtors

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Realtors are the real estate agents and they are the professional guides in selling and buying properties. People should not rely on other sources when deciding to buy any property. They should have a keen view on all the sources before gathering any kind of real estate properties. The reasons to grasp real estate agents guide are

  • Expert guide – Realtors are the professionals and so they will have meticulous information about all the possible property related questions. Once you check through all these information, it will help in looking through all those numbers and values to update.
  • Objective information and opinions – Information and opinions of realtors are measured through every single perspective. They all include number of guidance from overlooking values. All these concepts will allow each individual to make the certain measure and get through knowledge operations. The information given by them will be objective and it is not subjective.

Top reasons to work with realtors

  • Property marketing power – The power of marketing lies on various experiences. The marketing power is measured through Guaranteed Offer and many other king of valuable information.
  • Negotiation knowledge – If the property is sold for huge price, it can be negotiable with certain up to date emotional values and hundreds of information to adhere.
  • Up to date experience – Experience the values and get concerned with the objectives that are relying on the strict focus.
  • Rock during emotional moments – During the emotional moments, rock out the protection and culture. This will expect people to lead a public culture and assist through related matters.
  • Ethical treatment – Every profession should have ethics and in that row, realtors also will have professionalism through public culture. The work of realtor should be done within code and the protection is taken around to measure almost all the values in work phase.


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You can see Porter County in the state of Indiana located in the United States. You can visit Indiana Dunes National Park and Indiana Dunes State Park here.


Porter County has a population of about 167,400 people. The population growth is 3.3% since 2010. Everyone is helpful and kind. They are often considered as friendly neighbors.


The unemployment rate in this place is the same as the national rate of 3.9%. Job growth is positive since Porter County jobs increased by 1.2%. There are lots of job opportunities in this place.


Public schools’ expenditure per student is $9,354. The national average is $12,383 per student. Porter County has a ratio of 1 teacher to 18.6 students. The schools are often rated well.


Porter County is close to Chicago so there are many commuters. The national average commute time is 26.4 minutes. Porter County’s is higher by 0.8 minutes.


The crime rate is very low. There are very few crimes that occur in Porter County. Most people who live here feels safe. They are confident with the crime rate in their area.

Homes for sale in Porter County


Homes for sale in Porter County Indiana is about $210,000. For the last 10 years, home appreciation has been 5.9%.


Porter County voted Democratic in 2008 and 2012 Presidential elections. It voted Republican in three of the last five.


The cost of living in Porter County is 1.0% lower than the national average. There are great restaurants and retail shops. There are also big box stores nearby.


The place is clean and manicured in a lot of areas. There is also plenty of green space. You can also see lots of parks and walking trails here. This place is also known for downtown recycling. The area near Lake Michigan is a nice quiet town.


The most pleasant months in Porter County are June, September, and August. January and December are often considered as the least comfortable months.

Most people consider organized communities here as caring and active. There are a lot who moved here because of the progressive atmosphere. Some moved because of the quality of living. Local government works well with the citizens. This area offers many activities that everyone can join. You should check for yourself and see if living in Porter County is for you.

The Good Thing About Real Estate Agents

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Buying a property is a very daunting task in today’s time. To make things somewhat more comfortable for you, there are real estate agents who will help you find a home that meets your needs. They are those individuals who keep themselves updated with current characteristics. Whether you are involved in buying another home or selling your new home, these types of specialized organizations can satisfy the task meaningfully and without any hassle. With the help of the Internet, one can easily search reputable specialized organizations that focus on lease and residential and commercial properties alike.


The customer can find many specialized institutions in the market that offers reliable property management. They have an abundant year of involvement in the business. Employees are qualified professionals who help clients to increase their profits. On the off chance that you plan to sell your property then tends to be conceived here. Lebanon is an attractive holiday destination in the Middle East. It is said to be a popular place for cultural diversity, and most guests love to visit this place. The company specializes in leasing, selling, and leasing land of all types.

real estate market


Their main goal is to offer the real estate market in Beirut and the best value for your money. The company has a significant rundown of residential land, including new format apartments for sale. Specialists are here to help you with your purchase procedures, including tax advice, mortgage assistance, looking forward to it, etc. The company has many years of involvement in this area, and therefore, they will help you get the right property at any point you need. 


The team is doing its best to give significant administrations of Lebanon realtors. In case you are looking for the best real estate to provide you with professional arrangements, then it is advisable to contact the famous company for free advice. The company decides to offer the best real estate deal within the customer’s spending plan. For more information about them, visit their site and collect data in a useful way.

Excellent House Builds Around Dairy Farm Residences

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The long wait is now over. If you have been seeking for the best residence spot to stay in, it would be here. Dairy Farm Residences United Engineers Limited is offering various kinds of properties that fits on your budget. Plus, the admiring builds of the condos and apartments are not just simple. But, it is uniquely built by the engineers and architects who have planned the residence site. People who are looking for the best property to buy, then this is highly recommended. Residents will definitely have a good time in the location. The mix development present in the site shows that the residents will have a worthy investment. Condos and apartments in the site are all admiring. It has great and well-built structure making the entire look of the house unique.

Integrated development of residences

Integrated development of residences

As a home buyer, it is normal that you consider how the house is built. Also, it matters a lot to you if the site is far from the city or not. Of course, the buyer’s concern is all about the satisfaction in the residence. No one would want to live very far from the city, especially those who have work. They wanted to make sure that establishments are accessible without a need to spend a long ride. Of course, everyone is on a tight budget. So, it would be expensive if they buy residence too far from their work. Now, good thing that integrated development Dairy Farm Residence gives all the favor to the residents. Of course, what is the reason behind building the condos and apartments if it does not meet the taste of the buyers? The integrated development in the residences is provided for the residents. Shopping stores and entertainment is very reachable.

Why choose these properties?

Buyers should keep in mind that they are buying a house because they need it as a necessity. The shelter is one of the basic needs of a human. Thus, a comfortable home to stay is important. Now, is there any other comfortable and convenient residence other than Dairy Farm Residences? The place if fully developed and has a well-planned residence for all who plan to get one. Plus, the site is near the city and in establishments such as school, shopping stores, academic institutions and a lot more. So, why would waste time to think and decide? Don’t miss the available units for your option.

Buy A Home With All The Facilities Inside The Complex

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In modern day world, people like to have all the facilities nearby to the place where they stay. For example, if they want to have a food outside during weekend, they don’t like to waste time by travelling for far distance. Instead, they will be happy to reach the place nearby. Keeping this in mind, nowadays, big housing areas are built with all the amenities is available in short distance. For example, Dairy Farm nearby Hillview is going to housing around 500 units. They have plans to build a child care center along with the food court in the housing complex itself. It will help the people to have quick bite in the evening when they are tired and returning from work.

buy houses just for living

Things people consider before buying a house

In current scenario, not many buy houses just for living; they also consider the resale value of the house after some years of staying there. So any company into the real estate will like to build houses in the area where there are development going on and will be the main hub of the city in coming years. Hillview is one such area which is located perfectly accessible from all the places with new set of shopping malls and other development coming in. It has all the facilities with touch of luxury so the investment will surely turn into gold in future.

They have best facilities inside the complex such as gym, walking and cycling trail for the fitness freaks and easy access to the country clubs and they can easily reach the natural reserve nearby and spend time during the weekends. It is better to invest in such a house and reap rewards in the future not only in terms of investment but also of facilities which you can easily gain within short distance.

How does a real estate agent help you in buying your preferred house? Read here

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One of the processes that you have to follow when you purchase a house or a real estate property is to hire or coordinate with the real estate property’s real estate agent or broker. If you would think why, then without hiring one, you can end up on the wrong end of your situation knowing that buying a house is not your average purchase where all you have to do is pay, receive the item, and the receipt, it simply does not work that way.

Buying a house requires a lot of documents, a long list of contracts and many pages that needs your signature, and a real estate agent will be the one who will guide from all of these hassle because it is simply very important especially that you do not have the set of expertise or knowledge when it comes to real estate property unless you are a former real estate agent which is why hiring them is part of your home-buying process.

Ultimately, you always expect that your buyer’s agent will help and guide you through this lengthy and very complication home-buying experience. So what you should expect from a buyer’s agent? He or she will help you in preventing any potential pitfalls and will assure that you will get the best deal in buying a new home.

real estate investment

To help you out understand the job of a real estate agent, check out the rest of the article below.

  • Intelligent advice for real estate investment- What can a good and reliable real estate agent do for you is they have to be intelligent enough when it comes to this kind of investment knowing that buying a home is considered a lifetime investment just like what they do to their clients. The agent will help you learn how much you can afford in buying a house, as well as helping you find a good financing plan, at the same time give you clues of the current market conditions in the real estate scene, and of course tell you the more realistic expectations as you look around for a house.
  • Provides you a detailed information of your property- The real estate agent will also provide you a good strategy or a plan that is entirely based on your necessities and how much you can afford within the current market trends and conditions because as you shop for a new house, you should expect to meet with your agent to set up a schedule for site visit for property inspections and discuss a lot of important matters which includes the house’s pertinent selling points, its floor plans, and the neighborhood’s proximity to essential establishments such as schools, hospitals, churches, workplaces, and shopping centers.
  • Takes care of outside responsibilities- The agent is the one who is responsible in obtaining further disclosures to make sure that your home inspections and the repairs are completed and coordinated with the activities of the lender as well as the attorney, the roof inspector along with other professional personnel that is involved during the engagement process.

An Ideal Staycation at Botanik Residence Hillview Avenue

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Have you ever wanted to just have a nice staycation somewhere away from the bustling city? Somewhere nice and cozy that allows you to forget about work, life struggles and a lot of things that stresses you out.

Basically, there a lot of things people loves about having a staycation. First, it’s nice to feel and stay in a home away from home. A new home which gives you reasons to relax and contemplate to give you more focus. Second is, you can do and wear whatever you want because people won’t know you anyway. Your old neighbor is nowhere to be found, and your officemate are not around the corner.

Residence Hillview Avenue

It’s basically sort of a quick but refreshing vacation. At Botanik Residence Hillview Avenue can be a good potential place to host a staycation for yourself or for the whole family. In there a lot of new places and can be checked out and a lot of new dining places to try since malls and restaurants are just nearby.

To give you an idea on what you can do around the place, here’s a quick guide to make the most of your staycation.

3 Tips and Guide

The Botanik Residence is a freehold development located at Hillview area in 1 Jalan Remaja by the Tuan Sing Holdings. It is actually a condo hotel with neighboring malls, market place and restaurants. Which means, the avenue have a lot to offer than just sitting on the bed watching movies.

While staycation is something that must be thoroughly planned. Here are tips to make the best of your staycation at Botanik Residence Hillview Avenue.

  1. Get work done before going to a staycation

It’s best that you leave work at home, don’t bring it with you on your staycation. You must going there free of tasks and loads to do.

  1. Enjoy the place and view

Simply enjoy the place and the view it gives. Don’t go there thinking about home and the tasks you’ve left. It must be a sensational feeling for you, where you can finally have the day to relax and just be yourself, free from responsibilities and free from stress.

  1. Don’t just stay inside the hotel, go around the neighborhood

The very reason why malls and shopping market are nearby because they are there to entertain the guests. Don’t just stay at the hotel all day long, but instead take time to go outside and checkout what they have to offer. Go to the mall and checkout what new stuffs you can buy and bring home. Or go to the dining place by night to have a sumptuous meal.

Seriously, there are a lot of things to do around Botanik Residence Hillview Avenue. You can also get your own unit and live with the place! For more information you can simply go to