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Here is the deal. The best promotions are usually reserved for people who are members of their community. This is often done by businesses to ensure that not everyone can take advantage of their deals. The more people learn about these exclusive deals, the fewer chances for them to come back. At the end of the day, it is still a business. That would mean that they still need to make some level of money when they can. As such, the membership options are made.

That is why you should always consider signing up to be a member if you actually like a certain site or community. One perfect example would be to sign up on a quality marijuana dispensary such as dailymarijuana. This site is the premier Canadian marijuana store that is complete with everything you could ever want. Hence, why you should definitely sign up for their membership program.

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Here are some other important reasons to convince you to sign up today at

Free Shipping

Let’s face it, not everyone can simply go out and drive to the city just to get some weed. That entire process is an ordeal in itself. It is furthered more during this whole pandemic situation. As such, you need a way to get your hands on some of that quality kush without having to deal with the outside.

The people at has got you covered. They offer to ship for any customer who orders from their store in the Canadian region. However, only the exclusive members can take advantage of their quality free shipping promos. This is to ensure that people would not abuse the free shipping deals that the company makes.

Updates on Stocks

There is a mountain of weed types around the world. This is why most people are confused about what marijuana really is. Oftentimes, you would see people buy a strain just because they heard it is the most popular one. However, they do not even know about the effect of the strain itself.

This causes the price of that specific strain to surge in pricing due to it being on demand. Not only that but it also makes the supply of the weed go down due to the sheer volume of orders. That would potentially lead you into losing the chance to order the strain that you actually want.

The perk of being a member at can change all that. You can now find out if a certain strain of weed is available the second it is posted. All you need is to sign up for an account now.

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