School is the most important place in every people’s life. Every people will spend their childhood and teen age in schools. They will learn the basic education and importance of life in their school. The discipline, punctuality and obedience people learn from their school. There are some rules and regulations for every school and student need to follow the rules of the school. In most of the schools follow a dress code for the students which are most important for them to follow. Some schools will allot different color of uniform for different stages of classes. And students need to reach the school on time otherwise they need to stand out in ground and they will get punishment for late. By keeping time for school students have the habit of following punctuality and time keeping in everywhere.

Students need to follow the dress code if they forget to wear their shoes or forget to wear their identify card they will get punishment from the physical training department so they learn to follow the discipline. Teachers will give home work for the student and they need to complete their home work regularly and thus they know to follow the obedience. By the rules of school students not only get education they become very good in their character. For every human character is most important. A school will teach all the good things for the students. They will train students in physical activities which will help students to have a perfect exercise and life style in future.

Education Will Decide The Life Of The People

Many parents are searching a good school for their children where they get perfect education. Most of the couples who are newly married are finding a right school for their children. In many schools are taking students from testing their parents. If the parents have completed the degree they can guide their students. Education is become must for parents. They need to finish a degree to join their children in a best school. An illiterate parent could not join their children in a well certified school. So education is most important for every people. Students who get good mark in their school will help them to join in a best college or universities.

And people who complete their education are best universities will get job in the campus interviews and they no need to search for job after their education. In every one’s life education plays a great role. People who have perfect education they can succeed a high level in their life. People who have proper education they can lead a happy life without much efforts. But a person who fails to complete their education they need to suffer in each and every stage of life. It is most important for every people to complete at least their school education which will help them to know certain things in their life. Teachers are there to help the students to get a good education. With their support student can complete their education.