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The most popular way to entertain yourself on a boring day is to stream movies online. It has become a norm for millions of people around the world to open their browser and search for sites that features the latest movies they can watch for free.

Aside from the convenience and its availability to watch tons of movies and television shows for free, you can easily access it either at your smartphone or computer. For most of those who love to watch movies at cinemas, they are already starting to consider streaming movies instead of buying tickets. All they have to do is to wait for a couple of weeks for the blockbuster movie to come out of their preferred streaming site.

However, the majority of these online streaming sites that offer you the free movie is not legal at all. They are used to promote piracy by featuring pirated content without getting apprehended. It is always a good way to give credit to the people behind these amazing movies that you are excited to watch by either watching it on cinemas or stream these movies at legal streaming sites.

The big question a lot of people frequently asks is how can you determine if that site where you are currently streaming for movies is legitimate or not? To determine the answer to your question, you should read the rest of this post.

illegal streaming site

Since before, authorities have been very strict when it comes to regulating streaming sites and battling piracy. There has always been a longstanding argument of obtaining movies either at cinemas or buying DVDs, however, there is already a system that already takes care of this problem without involving piracy. All it needs is just patience and wait for the movies to come out for distribution legally.

However, a lot of movie fans out there are totally impatient which paves the way for piracy to gain ground by illegally distributing movies online for free.

To help you determine an illegal streaming site, check out a shortlist of some notable signs below.

  1. Has the latest movies featured– One of the telltale sign that you are streaming movies illegally is that the site regularly features new movies that just released in cinemas.
  2. No contact information posted– It is required for legally operating sites to provide sufficient contact information to their customers, so if you do not find any, then you are accessing an illegal streaming site.
  3. No proper disclosure of the sources of their content– Legal streaming sites are required to provide information where they obtained or sourced the movie from while illegal streaming sites do not bother to provide this information.
  4. Pop-up advertisements– Knowing that they do not profit from their free streaming, illegal sites create their revenue by bombarding their sites with annoying advertisements that pops-up out of nowhere which totally distracts your movie viewing.
  5. Website design– Poor website design which is like being designed and developed by an amateur is a telltale sign that you are streaming in an illegal site.

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