The Inspiring Life Story Of Wardak

A philanthropist by heart, Hamed Wardak, who spent life his life helping people using his multitude talents. He was the one who molded himself of what he is now. In 1997, Hamed graduated in his secondary school holding as the valedictorian and honored with the named a Rhodes Scholar. He graduated at Georgetown University with a BA major in Government and Political Theory. After he graduated, he had earned great success in the world of business. Wardak was hired by Merrill Lynch and worked in their acquisitions division and mergers. He takes care of his profession and builds high profile business mergers.

He engaged Into business

Hamed was recognized by Technologists, Inc., a high profile construction company. It handles clients in both the private and government sectors. He took the role of MDIR (Managing Director of International Relations). Ludas Athletics, a clothing brand created by Wardak when he engaged himself into the business. The Huffington Post is an article in which he also had a contribution. The contributing author spoke his life story about his homeland and the citizens that are suffering at the moment because of the past situation. Finding the best among the bests in talent is a tip that he emphasized when hiring for a business. Hamed Wardak never gives up on choosing the right people, time and effort help, to take the correct opportunities. If all these are followed, the business and the world becomes better.

high profile business mergers

His music career

Hamed also found a new baby in the world of music. The new-found music producing profession is more important than Hamed’s business ventures. Valen of Wicked is a brand of techno music created and produced by him. The name has a reason behind that he tells everyone why he came up with it. The story was influenced by his past, the emotions, and the events in his moments and his identity.

Valen and Wicked: The meaning behind

The word “wicked” was then used by him to represent a lot of ideas. The perception about the word as evil is not what it means here, take the positive side of it. For him, wicked represents both the good and hard part of his life. The style of techno music he created is creating and giving a better world according to him. The word “Valen” means to honor and valiance. The two words represent two different meanings, but present Hamed’s aspect of life. Hamed faces this channel and wickedness those experiences directly on the music he creates.

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