Substance which is used to improve the appearance of human body is known as cosmetics. Many of them are synthetics made up of mixture of many chemical compounds; some of them are obtained also from natural. Cosmetics regulation has done by U.S. FDA (Food and Drug Administration) and they give definition for cosmetic as “it is need to apply in body for getting more attractiveness, beautifying, cleansing without make any change in human body”. Soap has been eliminated by FDA from cosmetics. Meaning of cosmetic is “ornament and dressing technique” and it is from Greek.

It is found that Egyptians were the first person using cosmetics. For protective balm ancient Egypt uses castor oil. In early days, Romans used olive oil, rosewater and beeswax as skin cream. In 19th century lanolin and Vaseline was used and in 1911 Nivea is used. Japan and China women’s used beauty product as Tremella fuciformis. It prevents degradation of senile and helps to reduce wrinkles. Now retail selling of cosmetics is available through internet. Traditional make ups are normally using by women’s, but modern make-ups are used by many number of males. Much type of cosmetics are there, some of them are powders, lipsticks, lotions, perfumes, nail polish, hair colors, deodorants, hair gels and sprays, bath oils, bath salts, baby products, facial makeup and so on. Make-up is considered as cosmetics subset.

Usage Of Different Types Of Cosmetics

Primer: It is used to extend the makeup time, makeup can apply it with very smoothly and pore size reduced gradually.

Lipsticks: For lips, to add texture and color lipsticks are intended which comes in various colours.  As product need to stay in lip for long time alcohols are used in gel or water base lip stains. It is waterproof and it can be applied with help of brush, finger or roller ball. To add more shine to lipstick, lip glosses are used and it comes with different flavors. To protect lips, lip balms are used with contains SPF protection.

Foundation: It occurs in powder, cream or liquid form and used to cover spots and make face smooth. To get smoother finish and long-lasting make-up it is necessary to apply foundation primer (which comes in liquid, powder or spray form) with foundation.

Concealer: In skin if any imperfections exist concealer is used to rectify it. It also covers under eye circles and blemishes which is thicker than foundation. This is used in cheekbones, jaw line, nose, eyes and face of human body.

Mascara: To make eyelashes more attention, lengthen, darken and thicken mascara is used. Normally it is available in two colors as black and brown; some have glitter flecks and waterproof.

Nail polish: To color finger and toe nails it is used. Colorless versions are used as a base coat and provide strength to nails.

False eyelashes: Many persons don’t have long eyelash for that kind of people false eyelashes are used to make their eyes more attractive. Designs in it are wispy, gems, short and Rhinestones.

Makeup remover: Makeup’s which is applied in skin is to be removed with help of makeup remover and it is used mainly before using bedtime lotion.