Cashew Nuts: Reasons Why You Should Eat Cashew

Who doesn’t love cashew nuts?

Cashews are loved by children and even adults. Because of its unique taste such as buttery, sweet, and salty. They can be mostly found in sweets, baked foods, and various dishes. Cashew nuts are high in mineral and an excellent source of vitamins and minerals. Not only that, but these powerful nuts are also full of anti-oxidants properties and can support a healthy blood immune system.

Cashew nuts are from the seeds of the cashew apple. You can eat these nuts as raw or sometimes flavored with salts (roasted or fried). Cashew is one of the most used ingredients in vegan recipes and these nuts are also popular to Indian cooking. Since cashew is popular from vegan people, sometimes they buy in cardamom seeds to support their diet.

Benefits You Can Get From Eating Cashew Nuts

Below are the lists of the proven health benefits you can get from cashew nuts.

  1. Cashew Nuts Prevents Cancer

Cashew has Proanthocyanidins, a class of flavonols which fight against cancer cells. These properties are rich in copper and can help fight against the growth of tumor cells. Moreover, consuming cashew nuts on a regular basis keeps you away from getting colon cancer.

  1. Support Healthy Hearts

Cashew nuts are low in cholesterol and fat compared to other nuts. These nuts are cholesterol free and have lots of antioxidants properties that can keep you away from heart diseases.

Eating Cashew Nuts

  1. Provides Healthy Nerves

Cashew nuts are also good for people who suffer from nerve diseases. Since cashew has magnesium, this mineral helps the bone surface to prevent calcium from entering the nerve cells. Because of this, the blood vessels and muscles can be relaxed. Besides, people who lacked magnesium in their body has a high risk of suffering from high blood pressure and migraine.

  1. Helps in Weight Loss

Though cashew nuts have fats, it does contain good cholesterol. In addition, cashew nuts are low in calories, so you can consume this nuts guilt free. Besides, those people who eat cashews at least twice a week can gain less weight compared to those who don’t.

The Bottom Line

Cashews are indeed the powerhouse source of vitamins and minerals. Eating cashew nuts on a regular basis can help you to prevent cancers, improve your heart health, and support weight loss.

That’s the reason why you should eat cashew nuts more compared before. But remember, always eat in moderation and practice a well-balanced diet.

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