Hamed Wardak is an Afghan-born who grew up in Pakistan and the United States. He graduated as valedictorian with a BA in Government and Political Theory. He decided to travel back to his birthplace after his graduation. He prioritized helping people in Afghanistan during the Civil War.

Huffington Post’s contributing author

Hamed is a firm believer of the maxim, “The pen is mightier than the sword.” Hamed contributed his thoughts to Huffington Post on a lot of occasions. This was during his humanitarian efforts in Afghanistan. One of his articles speaks about his life and experience. As well as hints at why he devoted his life to the plight of refugees.

He believed it was time to help Afghanistan reclaim stability. It has been 30 years since the Civil War after the Soviet Invasion in 1979. It was in the wake of the murder of Taliban leader Osama Bin Laden. He wrote in one Huffington Post contributor article that it is the dawn of a new era for Afghanistan. He called for Afghans to seize the window of opportunity to build on progress. He asked them to rid the country of the Taliban together. He also rallied for them to stabilize the country. So that they can have a government that the people will support.

Benefits of refugees

Hamed used his life experience and his keen intellect to bring a positive force to the world. He aims to help the plight of refugees. Such as he was and like those in his home country of Afghanistan. The successful businessman in him made him come up with a decision. He weaved his philanthropic efforts into a venture called Ludas Athletics. It is a line of clothing whose part of sales benefited his vision of benevolence.

Reaching out to the youth

He did not only work to help refugees from all over the world. He also had a vision for helping today’s youth. He wanted to shape the lives, goals, and dreams of the youth. He decided on Ludas Athletics while he was in Miami, Florida. Hamed used the events and endeavors of Ludas Athletics to help the local Miami community. He funneled resources and encouragement to the younger generation.

Hamed Wardak helped organize an event in Miami, Florida in 2012. Miami Heat took the 2012 National Basketball Association Championship. Ludas Athletics partnered with the Irie Foundation for a star-studded event. The Star Island was the venue of the event. DJ Irie established the Irie Foundation. His purpose is to improve the lives of the youth of South Florida. Especially those who live in challenging environments. The hope in events like this is to generate excitement and support. Especially from the civic community. It can promote educational and extracurricular activities. The young people could not experience this without these events. Mentorship assists middle school students in their high school endeavors. They can also have scholarships to assist with trade school or college tuition.

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