The hot water system is one of the costly appliances in your home. Depending on the type of buy hot water system the maintenance cost will be changed. There are mainly three types of water heat system namely Gas, electric, and solar.

These systems include the stainless steel tank or glass-lined tank. The glass-lined steel tank is commonly used in all homes. Generally, when steel is exposed to heat water will get corroded through a process of electrolysis. Electrolysis can take place very quickly when the use of bore water. The glass line gets heated on the inside of a steel tank that helps to reduce the level of corrosion.

Another feature of glass-lined steel tanks is a sacrificial anode. It is a type of zinc alloy rod fitted inside the tank that helps to protect the internal steel of the tank. The two or more anodes are fitted additionally for warranty cylinders on some hot water system. Over the long haul, the anode gets reduced. When the anode has fully gone the cycle of electrolysis begins to consume the steel tank. Despite this, the sacrificial anode can be supplanted.

At the extremely top of the external boiling water framework packaging is a plastic access cap. Underneath the cap is the conciliatory anode nut. As the water in the tank can be feeling the squeeze and at a high temperature it is ideal to have your authorized handyman supplant the nut and anode. It doesn’t make a difference if there isn’t an excessive amount of room over the heated water framework as the substitution anodes are produced in a chain plan.

On the off chance that you have bore water or live in an area of hard water or high mineralization, it is better to replace the anode once at regular intervals. It will help to increase the life of the storage buy hot water system. The majority of people think stainless steel tanks will last more than glass-lined steel tanks. In any case, it is important that given that the treated steel tanks are made of a lot more slender steel, they really may not last as long as the veneer lined tank.