Movies Produced By Ryan Kavanaugh

Ryan Kavanaugh is the founder of Relativity Media. While at Relativity Media, he successfully produced many movies that we all love and enjoy today. Relativity Media was a full-scale film studio dedicated to developing, producing, and distributing movies. Partners and financial institutions invested a good 20$ billion. The main focus of Relativity Media was fashion, sports, music, and digital. Under Relativity Media, Ryan Kavanaugh produced a handful of movies. These movies had to pass through what he called “the model”. This model was created to predict the success of a film before it was given the green light for production. Films that showed a high probability of profit were given the go while those that did not pass were stopped. Here is a list of movies produced by Relativity Media under the guidance of Ryan Kavanaugh.


ZombieLand is a comedic turn on the classic zombie genre. It takes place in post-apocalyptic America. Where everything is overrun by fast-running zombies. Four seemingly different characters come together to find their way through the chaos and defend each other from the flesh-eating zombies. Each character has their own quirk personality that makes the film complete and interesting. With relatable characters and a plot to keep you on edge, it is one of the most popular zombie movies today.

Movies Produced By Ryan Kavanaugh

The Ugly Truth

Based in Sacramento, California a woman is forced to deal with what she considers to be a vile and disgusting man. This man is a rising star in the area of crude comedy. When their paths cross, she is given no choice but to deal with his antics. Soon enough, they start to develop a deeper relationship. In the end, love takes the boat. This funny and unique romantic comedy explores the fine line between love and hate

Season of the Witch

Starring Nicolas Cage, 14th-century knights are given the task to transport a woman whom they suspect is a witch. She is to be transported to a monetary where the monks can decide if her powers are causing the deadly black plague that has swept the continent. Her black magic brings mayhem along the way. The Knight in charge battled her magic and found ways to keep her in check throughout the long journey.


Robin Longstride, played by Russell Crowe, puts together a band of misfits and marauders to end corruption in their village. They stage an uprising against the royalty and aim to shift the balance of power for a more just and fair society.