The Untold Story of the Controversial Digital-Based Ticketing Service Company

Since advanced technology was born, many businessmen and investors saw the potential of using it for their businesses. Today’s generation saw the great opportunity in using the digital technology that society has now in putting up and developing their business.

The Take Over

            Things were just simple many years ago in the business industry. Every process within the organization was done manually, wherein workforce and effort matter. But since digital and advanced technology was developed, it took over and created a big change in the industry’s current state. Many businesses are using it to get along with the trend and modern changes happening in society and many people’s lives.

The Untold Story

            One of the companies that used the technology is MoviePass. It is an American company that aims to provide digital-based movie ticketing services to the industry. Their approach is far different from what is current or traditional for people back then. But for those who are behind this enterprise, it does not matter. They hold on with the potential they saw from their goal and mission when they built it. That is why they launched it in the market without any hesitation.

            The company reached its success when the right strategies were implemented and used. But when all of these happened, the start of unexpected challenges happened too. It is like they are in the middle of highs and lows of water in the ocean. It is an odd feeling for those who are behind the brand, but they have to keep ongoing. When the company changes its strategies from time to time in the middle of its success, that became the start of its downfall.

            Their strategies became controversial, wherein experts saw those as inappropriate. It is because they are removing their offers, which made the top in the market. That is why they showed that there was no help when things were changed inappropriately or at a fast pace. It is important that studies and researches would be done first for everything to be analyzed. Because when things are decided in quick time, most of it will lead to trouble.

            Somehow they knew the untold story of MoviePass in the business industry already. But for those unfamiliar with their story, a producer will release and share it with the public with the help of those people who were there throughout the company’s journey. Ted Farnsworth and Mitch Lowe will share their highs and lows experienced in the kind of business they have entered in the industry.

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