Eradicate Lice Issues at your home step

Head lice are the small insects that are found on the human head. They are the parasites that feed on the human blood 3-6 a day to survive. They are one of the three types of lice that live on humans and the other two types are body lice and public lice. Lice can spread through personal contact of the head with the infected person and can also spread by sharing of belongings like comb, brushes, etc. It mainly affects young children because they often have head-to-head contact while playing together.

Method of removing lice

The lice removal montgomery includes 4 step methodical treatments and it is safer and effective to use on a newborn baby. They provide professional lice treatment to an infected person and render in-home treatment by making a house call the same day or the next day. When your technician is at your home, he or she will test each head of the family with a special comb. These checks can detect lice a week earlier than quick dry checks done in schools, and a few weeks before the onset of symptoms. If another child is not detected, we would like to check them all as there is no point in removing lice from one child. Your technician will take you through your home inspection, preventing, and treating for future occurrence of head lice, preventing benefit. If another outbreak occurs at the school next year, you will be prepared to look into a case in advance.

Instead of taking your kids to the lice salon, call the lice removalmontgomerydoctors for the most unique, convenient, and comfortable lice treatment. The first hour of service is provided with a travel charge and each hour after that is charged with a 15-minute prorated segment. The lice doctor charge for 4 persons is lower than the per person lice salons. The lice treatment is mainly based on the natural remedies that will make you lice free and provides the most experienced and inexpensive lice removal service in the region. They render their services with a full guarantee and mainly operate under the guidance of a certified board and on-staff medical doctors.

Preventive measures

Some of the steps to prevent the spread of lice,

  • The clothes, bed, and towels should be washed with hot water and can be dried through dryer.
  • After using, soak your combs and brushes in hot water for 5-10 minutes.
  • Vacuum the floor and furniture in which you sat or lay.
  • Avoid head-to-head contact during play and other activities.

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