Why should sellers consider an inspection of the property?

When sellers prepare to put their house on the market, they usually do not inspect it before putting it on the agent. Sometimes this happens because they think they have a pretty good idea of ​​the state of their home, or because they do not consider it necessary, because the buyer is likely to pay for this service after making the deposit. Although sellers are not required to conduct a property verification before selling their home, there are several reasons why this is a good idea and can help the sales process to develop more smoothly.


If your house is in good condition, a home inspection report can help you prove it and can be used as a point of sale. In this changing market, there are still many opportunities to conclude a profitable agreement on recovery and short sales, but the general environment is returning to the sellers’ market. Because of this, it is always helpful to find ways to make your property stand out by selling a house that is not a problematic property. If you provide a link to your verification report or declare that a report is available, your list may be more attractive to potential buyers and get more attention.

professional property

Conducting a professional property check before placing your home on the market can also reveal current problems or potential problems that can become a problem during custody. If you better understand the condition of your home, you can better prepare for problems that may arise when the buyer completes the check. Your inspector may also identify the problems you want to fix to make your home more salable or to avoid potential collateral deposits when the buyer’s inspector detects them.

Immediate repairs

If your home inspector finds problems that do not require major and immediate repairs, but may worry some buyers, you can avoid future problems by revealing this information before receiving an offer. Many times, as a seller, you can correct these problems and show potential buyers that this has been completed. If the buyer is informed about the problems with the condition of the house before making the offer, it will be less likely to fall out of the warranty, as soon as these problems are discovered during the buyer’s own inspections.

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