Select the Right Wall Art by Size

If you are looking to instantly improve your living space, you should consider wall arts. Wall arts are pondered for their aesthetic beauty adding more life to existing wall. You should know that wall arts draw the eye and pull a space together thereby making your home appealing and inviting not only to the family but also the visitors.

Selecting the right one is not easy especially that there is no set of rules for embellishing a home. The top advice is to select what you like. If you see something and it does not elicit feelings of relaxation and enjoyment, do not hang it on your wall. Another factor to consider is the size of the pieces. It will be tough to choose if you are not particular about sizing.

Oversized wall arts

It is important that you search with size in mind for easy selection. To help you choose the right size of  Wall Art Online, you can consider the following things:


Oversized wall arts are at least 100 centimeters in length. This is an excellent addition to your large space. If you want this as a focal point, make sure that you measure the space to check if it can accommodate the piece. If you hang an oversized piece on your small space, it will swallow the wall.


Large wall arts are at least 80 centimeters in length. This can serve as a centerpiece if you choose to. You can also consider putting two pieces side by side to balance the space. The standard per room is at least two large pieces. If it is more than two, you are overdoing it.


Medium wall arts are at least 70 centimeters in length. Medium wall art can stand-alone but if you want to make it more exciting, you should consider other pieces. Medium pieces go well when grouped. If you are considering medium pieces, make sure that you keep your space equal.


Small wall arts are less than 59 centimeters in length. This is the perfect thing to consider when tackling shelving and short walls. You can also pair it or group together. Remember to keep it below six hangings at a time because more means overdoing it.


Mini is the smallest size or collection. Mini arts are less than 44 centimeters in length. Think of mini as the size of a standard A4 paper. Buying mini means buying the whole collection. It does not go alone but together with the group creating a story.

Knowing the sizes is good but installing is another thing. You have to know the right places to put your pieces. For example, the bathroom cannot accommodate oversized or large wall arts. If you want to put large pieces in the living room, you should make sure that it is not more than two-thirds longer than the sofa. Minis can be considered in the living room but if you have big space, think about grouping the pieces together by artist or color as long as they complement each other.