Amaze Your Customer with an Astonishing Design

Best buy station that you must have

People go to a barber or salon to transform their look. Although so many options out there, they will prefer something that relevant to their style. Having a skillful team member would not only the answer but also need to consider your overall space’s style to attract people step by your station. Therefore, there is a list of best buy in this article about barber station for your reference to enhance your chance to acquire more customers and better revenue.

barber station

  1. Laredo style (by Icarus)

This is an excellent option for a home studio with a narrow space. It has multiple drawers in one cupboard which can collect all of your equipment that you will need during your work, such as curling irons, clippers, scissors, etc.  On top of that, you able to minimize your move by having all those items closer to be reached by hand. Most of the startup businesses at a minimalist design enjoy this on their station.

  1. Single wall mount style

New barbershop with a more enormous space might consider having this single wall mount station. It is so flexible to attach this drawer anywhere you like to fit with your overall barber station design. On each drawer set, it has three appliance holders in different size from the smallest to the most gaping hole. This is a benefit to place your equipment in a different size in the holder. Overall assembling is extermely easy and the price is quite affordable.

  1. Irvine wall mount style with cabinets and drawers (by Icarus)

It is the unabridged version of the number one option with the wall mount flexibility. In overall, your mirror design would look more gorgeous in a combination of racks and drawers. This is increasing your ability to keep your tools inside and take it whenever you need it. Even your customer would feel more convenient because they can put their stuff too on the rack.

  1. Wall mounted with holders rack and power strip (by LCL)

The next option coming from LCL, in a design more suitable in a modern station. It looks incredibly elegant with various types of appliance holders on each rack. It can be engaged to any of your walls to suit your design, and the splendid thing is you will have additional 4 electricity ports for a power source. Like so,it is supremely efficient for you and your customers.

  1. Cart with shelves and drawers (by Locking Wood)

It looks merely the same as previous Loredo style, but this is catchier with the ability to mobile. So you can keep your features tools inside the drawers and go mobile to the other corner of your station without a doubt.

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