Tension control bolting is the most widely used bolting method in the construction industry today. Before tension control bolts became the most preferred heavy-duty fasteners, rivets were used to hold the structures together. Rivets were later replaced by hex-head bolts which offered faster installation and required fewer bolts than rivets. With the development of tension control bolts that are even more faster to install, hex-head bolts were overtaken by them.

Tension control bolts

Types of TC Bolts:

There are mainly two types of Tension control bolts used in heavy construction.

  1. A490 TC bolts: These are not galvanized i.e. they are plain and are available without a coating. This makes them widely preferred for indoor uses. A490 tension control bolt manufacturer makes these bolts available in a range of different diameters and lengths. This type of tension control bolts is made from high strength heat-treated steel.
  2. A325 TC bolts:Made from high strength medium carbon steel, these are galvanized and come with a protective coating that makes them resistant to damage on external exposure. Both A325 and A490 tension bolts operate optimally in a moderate temperature range of 40°F and 90°F.

Advantages of Tension Control Bolts:

Tension control bolts have earned wide range popularity in the construction industry due to a number of advantages they serve when compared to rivets and hex-head bolts. Following are some of the advantages of bolts that are tension controlled.

  • They are cost effective when compared to other fastening systems as relatively few bolts are needed.
  • They require only a single operator and one sided installation.
  • These are lightweight and reliable.
  • It guarantees that correct tension is applied regardless of operator skills or tools settings.
  • Quick and easy installation process. The installer just has to place the bolt into the point of connection and then attach the socket of installation tool to the outside of the bolt head. Installation can be completed by pulling a trigger to twist the bolt.

While purchasing TC bolts, one should always make sure to purchase them from trusted and reliable A490 Tension Control bolt manufacturer and A325 manufacturers. Remember, safety depends on quality.