There has been always a huge difference between the games that are operated at homes and also the pro systems, this is because the professional vests always use a laser tag that is in the form of the laser pointer, the operation though is also set on the infrared technology, there is always some difference.

Dynasty Toys Laser tag games


The newer version of the LED Battling Tank toys is yet another added edition of the Dynasty laser tag games. This is making the kids crazy due to the simple reason that is loaded with the features of 2 RC tanks which can be controlled by a remote controlling device. This game comes under the category of the “Dynasty Toys Laser tag games”. The two available tanks are infrared in their patterns and the rays that are emitted are safer to go with all the age groups. There are huge tests for the toys so that there is a confirmation that the emissions are lesser than 1mW. There is never a need for much protection with these games because they are 1005 tested.

The way the game is played is something that demands attention. On hitting, the tanks get lit up and also the life bar starts depleting. There are also additional parts that come with the device like the 2 remotes which are wireless, the battery packs, the charger that can be installed on the walls, moreover, one can play the best with eh tanks which needs shooting and also the hits up to adequate wavelengths. But one must be careful to never allow a toddler below 3 years to play with it.


There has been always some or the other newer innovation in the field of the laser tag games. This time the zeal is even greater with the introduction of the street laser tag games. All one needs to do is to grip firmly the weapon allowing the opponent to move. As the opponent is caught, one can go for a hit. So, the weapons used here are in e form of the dusts and also the electronic bullets are the specs. This laser tag game is one which demands just a Bluetooth suppky, a platform too play like the iOS or even the Android apps.

In order to give the best military experiences, it can be said that the games can prove to be the best in terms of the technology they use. So, just hit the ground hard for the game.

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