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Biggest Hidden Cost of Developing a Mobile Application

September 19, 2018 at 6:26 am 0 comments

The Mobile application development life cycle consist of development, deployment and maintenance of the application. Only developing an application will not work, putting it into work will benefit your organization. Normally an single application development and deployment costs you between $50,000 to $1,00,000 and takes around a year or half to complete.The application development is only a small tip of the iceberg. Most of the people only considers the development cost and estimates a budget only for development and not for the other app development

Mobile Application Architecture

As a business owner you need to know the application architecture of the mobile in order to get best application for your business. We any business thinks of having a mobile app! The first thing that comes in the mind is how much it cost to develop an app?There are four different functions of a custom application solutions:

  1. Functional Service – this includes features like SMS, Push notification
  2. Administrative Service – the important work of the administrative is to update the application and manage users.
  3. Infrastructure Services – need to consider the servers and the CDN functions properly and effectively.
  4. IT Support Service – the IT support service need to fix any error or bug that appears in the mobile application and make changes regarding any updates to the apps.

Handle Hidden Cost

The most important fact of mobile app development is the cost to assemble various component of the app. Assembling the components may cost you hundreds or thousands of dollars per year, and the cost can vary through out the life cycle of the mobile application. This is the main cause why most of the businesses avoid from developing an App.  When you visit and mobile app developer or company they will estimate the amount for your business and will hide the software cost and the application support cost. So make sure to ask these hidden charges to the developers so that you have no further surprises?

mobile app development

If you consider developing an app with BuildFire then the application cost can be reduced significantly. The Buildfire app developers will include the cost of developing app and offers you to provide the other services on the basis of fixed monthly subscription. Do consider some of the app developers that support various services to its clients and make a good decision.