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Marc Roberts as President of Its Energy

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E11even Is Taking Their Nightlife Brand

Not long ago boxing promoter and housing developer Marc Roberts Miami said of his friend Harvey Silverman: “Silverman is the best thing that ever happened to me. … I am lucky and honored to call Mr. Silverman a [business] life partner. “Today Roberts’ and Silverman’s friendship is shattered amid allegations of fraud and deception. and Citigroup, which follows Silverman with an $ 80 million loan, which could clear up the rest of Silverman’s net worth of $ 300 million in 2007. This proverb is another indication of the type of negligent real estate lending that could be a precautionary measure against major bank balances.

Silverman, 68, met Roberts, 50, in 1988, when Roberts tried to raise money for his company, which promoted boxers like Ray Mercer who won gold at the Olympics. Silverman had risen to a senior position at Spear, Leeds & Kellogg, a New York Stock Exchange specialist company bought in 2000 by Goldman Sachs. Silverman also made a lot of money by investing in Vitamin water maker.

Remembering Marc Roberts

In 2004 Silverman and Marc Roberts Miami invested in Miami Worldcenter, which was to convert 25 hectares of downtown Miami into dormitories, hotels, and office towers. The two took over the 50% ownership that Roberts had publicly put forward and Silverman supported equally, borrowing $ 80 million with his own guarantee. Citigroup, which has borrowed $ 10 million, has asked Silverman to save a total of $ 150 million.

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But the debt crisis has reduced your chances of both the Miami World center and the Silverman portfolio. At one point the amount of Silverman’s money was soaked in less than $ 150 million, said one lender. Bank loans began to mature this year and were not repaid. As banks demand a loan, Silverman earlier this year sued Roberts for fraud in a federal court in Central Islip, NY alleging Roberts had raised bank loans without Silverman’s knowledge and fraudulent signatures, diverting some of the money to “support his extravagance. of Hawaii and Bentley. Silverman sued the banks, and, in support of the “fraud scheme,” the banks denied.

Roberts says Silverman knew he was withdrawing money from their Marc Roberts Miami business so he could cover his expenses. He further added that Silverman fabricated a statement that he did not have a permit to borrow money. Roberts has sued Silverman for breach of contract.