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Welcome to the best market of leasing!!

January 23, 2019 at 12:26 pm 0 comments


We are living in the 21st century. We all are fully aware of the technology. We can get to know anything about it from internet. Well the online sources have made our day more easily. We can even do business from it. So here we will know more about the leasing. How to lease any equipment and much more. Leasing and equipment are some how interrelated to each other. Various IT equipment is taken as lease. To start any small or large business of equipment we have to take that in lease. So come have a look to it in details.


What is equipment lease?

When we talk about equipment leasing. We can say that anybody who tends to lent the equipment to any big or small company. This is done for a certain amount of time period. Here the regular payments method is introduced. As in loan process we go to bank for taking Loan for certain period of time. We also have to pay interest for it. Similarly this can be done but the difference is that in loan you can take for anything. Lease is taken for certain equipment’s only like for any vehicles, companies etc.

equipment lease

Tax methods

As we know that this leasing is actually a process of financing so if we can avail the tax facility in loan and other methods then why not this. Here the tax system is dependent on the depreciation. The tax purpose for this is actually the way of depreciating the value. You also have to pay interest in this. As In loan scheme you pay some interest value. It depends on bank to bank. Here the rate lies between 6 to 15 percent. It also depends on company to companies.


The value of lease if you know you can get the benefits. If the correct formula is known you can get the best results. Now it’s upto you what you decide. The best you can get the better facility you can opt for it. Decide the best goal for yourself.