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Why Choose Sparkling Water Over Sodas

May 24, 2019 at 8:27 am 0 comments

Sparkling water isn’t actually sparkling in a sense that its shiny or anything like that. Its how it tastes and bites your throat with the process of carbonating it. Basically, the texture is like soda, the only difference is that its not as sugary as any soda that is out there. Thus it’s perfect for people that love that bite in the throat without too much sugar.

The question is, whether it’s good for you or not. The fact of the matter is that carbonated water can be good or not, depends on what type you’re drinking. If it’s just purely carbonated water then it’s healthy just don’t drink too much of it because, at the end of the day, uncarbonated water is still healthier. But why choose sparkling water over sodas anyway?

Its less sugary: Usually sparkling water is made with natural ingredients for its flavor. Thus it’s safe to say that it’s healthier versus sodas. If you’re a type of person that is addicted to sodas and you want to step away from it, but replacing it with juice is just too hard to swallow, try flavored sparkling water instead. Its a good transition drink from sodas to juices to tea, to water and so on.

Sparkling water

It doesn’t have or has little fatty ingredients: The common fatty ingredients with sodas is sugar, carbohydrates, and cholesterol. And although carbonated flavored water has them too, at least the numbers are not through the roof like sodas do. A single serving of soda is like almost half sugar. If you drank one glass of soda, except that you’re drinking like half glass of sugar and even more! But with flavored sparkling water like Sparkling ice, it’s very minimal, so cheers!

It has a ton of flavors: One of the reasons why people love sodas is because there are a ton of flavors. But, although various types of sodas have a ton of flavors available, not all are available in your area. But with sparkling water, there are a ton. Whether it’s in department stores or online, there are a ton of it that you can find online that will entice you to try each and every one of those flavors.

Sparkling water can be regular water carbonated or sparkling water carbonated with flavors, whatever it is, they are a better option than soda. Why? Because it has the same texture as soda, it can taste the same as soda but with ingredients that are far healthier than soda has. If you like that, then you better try it, because more and more people had better diet because of it.