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Food Tour for Beginners: What to Expect

April 6, 2019 at 11:00 am 0 comments

You have to remember that every food tour is different. This is what makes it more exciting. Although it is hard to generalise food tours because of its diverse offerings, you should remember that food tours have similar structure whether it is cooking vacations italy or US.

It is important that you know what to expect so you will not be disappointed. To help you get started, here are things to expect during your first food tour:

Food tours tend to cost more

Food tours are similar to walking tours but you have to know the difference so you will know the cost. If you join walking tours, you will have a leader around that will take you to specific sites and tell you about the history. A food tour, on the other hand, involves walking around the neighborhood to sample various foods and hear how the food shapes the culture or community.

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You must be aware that a food tour tends to cost more because it only involves a smaller group of people. The cost will go into multiple food tastings. Food tours can involve a healthy component of walking. You should expect that there is plenty of food to go around.

How food tours are performed

On average, the tours will have 6-7 stops. You should expect a small plate of food at every stop. In the beginning, you will wonder if the small plate is enough but when you are on your 5th stop, you will think that there is not enough room in your stomach. Experts are suggesting that you do not overeat on breakfast. You should not also plan a big dinner after the tour.

What it includes

A typical tour will designate a specific meeting place – whether a café or market. You should hear introductions. It is important that you hear a bit of the historical background of the city. It will start with the guide ushering you through a number of stops. The stops can be anything from a butcher shop to a market stall.

At every stop, you are expected to try a specific food or drink. The guide will also explain why the place or food was chosen. The key here is to avoid stuffing yourself on the first few stops. You should pace yourself so you do not feel sick later.

Purchase things while on tour

Most stops are shops that sell wares and other food items. You should know the time allotted so you can move accordingly. If the tour does not give much time to do shopping, the shops will give coupons so you can use it later should you go back to the store.

Final thoughts

In the end, you should expect to eat a lot and have fun. Tasting the delicacies of a place and enjoying how the locals prepare it is surely memorable. The key here is to pick the perfect food tour. Do not forget to determine which foods are listed on the tour or better check the tour description so you can pick the right one.