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Top Essential Tips When Renting a Bus for Wedding

November 10, 2019 at 6:41 am 0 comments

Congratulations! You’re closer to your D-day. Probably you’re feeling nervous as your wedding date comes closer as the day passes by. But behold, there’s an important thing that you should not forget – transportation for your guests.

Your friends are there, your family is also present, his family, and so on. As if there’s wasn’t chaos in the morning with some of the bridesmaids were showing up late, the best man getting lost to an unfamiliar city, and also your future husband is nowhere to be found. You are sure that he doesn’t have cold feet because he attended the rehearsal, and he knows the way to the church. Perhaps the culprit is the antique car he rented!

chicago motor coachSee? Planning a wedding can be complicated, overwhelming, and exhausting because there are lots of details that need to be sorted out. You need to pay attention and think about everything and expect possible problems that may arise on the actual wedding date.

Among these problems, there’s one thing that couples often forgot to do – transportation.

The essential thing about wedding bus rental is for the vehicle to get you, your groom, and all of the guests safely to and from the wedding ceremony and reception without or minimal hassle as possible.

Don’t have any idea how to do that?

Wedding Bus Rental Tips For Your Wedding Day

Below are the following top useful tips for renting a wedding bus for your wedding.

Tip #1: Book in Advance

Actually, this advice is not only applicable to weddings but all kinds of trips and vehicle rentals.

Once you’ve come up with a wedding date, reception, and ceremony location, list of guests that will attend, it’s the right time for you to book for a wedding bus. Booking in advance is crucial if you plan to have a wedding ceremony during the peak season, which is from April to June.

If you are really prepared, it is highly recommended to book up to nine months in advance. However, if you are waiting for the confirmation of the total number of guests, five to seven months before the wedding day is quite safe for securing a vehicle for your wedding.

Doing so will enable you to have plenty of time for the rental company to team up with your wedding planner to ensure that all the details for transportation are entirely taken into account for the wedding day.

Tip #2: It Doesn’t Need to Be Expensive – Limo!

When talking about the safety and convenience transportation of dozens of guests, Limo is not a good option. A limousine is suitable for prom, but for a wedding, it’s a Nah. Get away from this old tradition to make an outstanding impression on your guests.

There are varieties of wedding transportation that you can book. It includes horse carriages, party buses, motor coaches, minibusses, bikes, or even tractors. Simply pick one from them that you think will suit your personality, budget, and the number of people responsible for transportation.

Tip #3: Be on Time

Before the wedding ceremony, usually, the groom travels with the best man and other ushers. Generally, they are the first wedding members to be present in the location. Next would be the bridesmaids’ arrival with the bride’s mother. Lastly, the bride with whoever is present at her side to walk down the aisle.

If everyone is on time, stressful events when it comes to transportation will be minimized – vows can be read, guests, and families can rejoice.

The newlywed couple will ride together, and they are the first ones who will leave the ceremony for the reception. Next is the parents of the bride and groom are expected to leave the ceremony and be present early on the reception to help the couple to greet their guests.

Planning your wedding transportation ahead of time will lead to a successful wedding process!