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Types of gaskets and fasteners

October 17, 2018 at 9:40 am 0 comments

There are several different types of gaskets in the market according to their designs and structure some of them are.

Sheet gaskets

As it can be guessed by the name itself that the sheet of the material which has the shape of the gasket means punched out shape it is called as sheet gasket. In which there are crude gaskets, fast gaskets and cheap gaskets. Earlier when they just became in practice at that times the compressed asbestos material was to make these gaskets, but now a day’s the matted graphite or a fibrous material is used. These metric fasteners have been used to accomplish different chemical requirement, which are based on the inertness of the material which is used.

Superior flat washers


Solid material gaskets

These types of gaskets were made so that they can get a gasket which is made up of solid material that cannot be punched but still are inexpensive to fabricate. The quality control of these types of gaskets is much higher than any other sheet gaskets. Solid material gaskets can take up much higher temperature and pressure too.

Spiral wound gaskets

These are generally made up of the mixture of metallic and fibre material. Generally these types of gaskets have a much higher level of quality control than any other sheet gaskets and they can withstand much higher level of temperature and pressure too. But for this type of performance it is necessary that this solid material should be so finely compressed that it can become a flush and could prevent any type of leakage which is there.

Constant seating stress gaskets

These are made up of two components a solid carrier ring made up of a good & responsive material which can be stainless steel, or some compressible material for two sealing elements within two opposite channels; one on each of the sides. Constant seating stress gaskets are made up of such material which can withstand the process of fluids and applications.

These are some types of gaskets there are many other gaskets in the too such as double jacked, kammprofile, fishbone, flange etc.