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Is fake pee for drug testing really works? Find out here

April 8, 2019 at 5:05 am 0 comments

Potheads are very familiar with incorporating different methods or techniques just to pass a drug test with flying colors. One of the most prominent and controversial ways of cheating on a drug test is using fake pee or synthetic urine that is a substance chemically designed to imitate real urine used during a drug test knowing that cannabis or marijuana is one of the stubbornest substances to flush out our system.

Synthetic urine is usually sold in the form of a powder, and it is mixed with water to provide a pee-like substance, and usually are sold in small kits online under the radar and can even include some heating pads to keep it warm between 32-degree Celsius up to 38-degree Celsius to truly imitate what real urine is.

However, the real question is, does fake pee truly works? Well, there are a lot of factors that are needed to be incorporated to have a successful drug test using a fake pee or synthetic urine, as well as how sophisticated the manufacturing laboratory carries out in testing their product. The biggest challenge to pass a drug test is smuggling it into the actual drug test knowing that there are numerous inspections being done by the facilitators of the drug test, however, a lot of potheads are able to improvise their own ways to smuggle it safely by using devices like Whizzinator.

using fake pee

In the United States alone, drug testing is a standard procedure that is required by the majority of companies to prevent any injuries and increase the safety of its working environment by hiring people who are not drug dependent. There are some organizations that do not conduct drug testing but uses different forms of testing to check if their employees follow their organizational rules and regulations.

Aside from safe working environment and employee protection, another reason why companies strictly conduct drug tests to their employees and applicants to prevent low productivity and also drug abuse that would likely cost the company some money as well and urine testing is incorporated to test their employees because of its efficiency.

If you cannot stay clean all the time, there are many ways that you can hack the drug test, you can choose either of the three methods which are; sample dilution, substitution, or adulteration. For a more detailed review, click on the linked keyword.

  • Sample dilution- usually contains a higher amount of water which lowers the drug rations, just by simply drinking water before giving the sample, but dilution does not guarantee a negative result.
  • Adulteration- This is done by adding chemicals like soap, or vinegar to the urine sample to interfere the drug levels of the equipment used for the test, but it causes a chemical reaction like bubbling urine.
  • Substitution- Probably the most effective way to pass a drug test, all you need to do is smuggle a urine sample of another person who is not a marijuana user and submit it to the facilitator, but, be careful though especially for females because the urine of the person that you used might have other medical conditions or even pregnant that might get things a lot worse.

Synthetic urine or fake pee is very effective, all you need to do is channel the inner infiltrating skills that you see in movies to smuggle it to the testing center or at your office to use it, but still, considering that there are tons of fake pee brands that you can buy online, you should first check reviews, and check how reliable the brand is before you even buy.