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The Best Seasoning for Your Food Served in Plate

August 8, 2019 at 9:19 am 0 comments

A bittersweet taste seasoning perfect for your dinner recipe. This is used by different regions around the world. It has so many culinary uses and is categorized in the pea family. In the imperial garden of Charlemagne is where the fenugreek seeds grow intensively. If you desire to enhance the juicy taste of meat and fresh vegetables then this seed can help you greatly. Pound this seed and its powder will give you one of the best aromas a food could have. The taste is that kind of bitter and a little glimpse of maple. A perfect pair with pieces of bread and other pastries. If you are a vegetarian this seed is a perfect one for you. It is also salt-free, sugar-free, dairy-free and many more. The seasoning is full of nutrition facts that are needed to make our body healthier and free from diseases that we can get from different diseases.

fenugreek seeds

All about the nutrition from this seed

The seed is full of medicinal uses. It induces childbirth and even a solution for digestive issues. You can also apply this on any wounds and treat some eczema. If you have high cholesterol then this will help you lowers it. A source of diosgenin which is a chemical that synthesizes steroid hormones and this includes the progesterone. This is also effective in milk production. A good tea for nursing some women. According to some researchers, this will also help you lower your blood sugar and a good protector from type two diabetes. There are so many studies about its medicinal use yet all of their proofs are too weak to support it. even though the scientific explanation about the seed is vague there are still so many people around the world who want to use it as a seasoning.

It helps lose weight

If you want to get fit and too tired having a fat body then this seed is very effective. Many people are eating their herb and with this, they can feel full easily. For that reason, you can eat less. There is a study that if you eat it at breakfast you will eat less on lunch or even do not want to take some food by noon time. if you really want it badly and do not want the taste of herbs, you can use it as a seasoning. mix it well with the ingredients of your breakfast or even in your lunch.