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November 19, 2018 at 6:27 am 0 comments

Now there are so many mobile service providers and they keep coming up so many plans that it becomes a big task for the users to choose. There people who keep shifting from plan to another to get the best of the offer made and to avail it to the maximum. There also users who shift providers for various reasons such the plans may be good but there is bad connectivity, or the internet package is slow or expensive than what others are providing etc. with so many options in place the users are lured by all the advertisements and promotional messages as well as calls to take up the plans.

The needs of the user

The user usually prefers the following, and if these criteria meets, it will then be part of the their mobile subscription plan for some time till something even better crops up

  • Optimal speed
  • Coverage
  • Reliability

If this is perfectly packaged into the plan they offer, it gives the user to take up your offer.

The most frequently discussed issue would be the reliability of the network and from the consumer’s point of view, you would have to undertake a survey to ascertain which  of the networks are the ones most used and they are backed by the populace for an apparent reason. The need to have best performance can catapult the service provider to a number position, as people seek a good network that will help them better reliability and speed too. This is especially essential when there are file uploads or downloads which when the network reliability and speed are tested, if the time consumption is more during this process, people tend to get impatient and switch to some other network provider.

So,if the network provider hast to gain more clients or users to their network, they would have to have tests conducted and find out which place have low network or which places are reliable this way, they can improve their efficiency.  The users will then have now better reception of the network and they will be able to maintain calls. They will also be able to send and receive texts and information faster. The network can vary in different places of a the same city hence testers are given the job to provide the best of what they can to give maximum connectivity in all areas they provide service.