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Can TheFasciablaster Really Reduce Cellulite?

October 26, 2019 at 12:44 pm 0 comments

After long periods of sitting on a flight or doing a particular desk job, the general flexibility of the body reduces. This happens because the sheath of connective tissue that joins the bones and muscles called the fascia becomes stiff and gets “stuck”. The fasciablaster is the best solution to get rid of this discomfort and reduce pain but are there any other benefits of it?

What is a fasciablaster?

It is a white plastic band which has a claw-like structure attached to it. One has to rub this tool on the area of the skin that feels tight or there is pain and discomfort. Invented in 2012, it has grown to become an internet sensation with people all over the world giving it a try. Under the research name ‘Fasciology’, there have been several cases of backlash about the product but even now, it still continues to sell at a growing rate.


Other than pain-relief and reducing discomfort, there are several known benefits of using the fasciablaster. Research suggests that it has been known to successfully increase the Resting Metabolic Rate (RMR) and increase the production of Irisin. With this, it also seems to have significantly increased the rate of Collagen production while decreasing systemic inflammation.

The most intensive research on this product was perhaps done for Cellulite reduction. There have been mixed reviews about the product being a scam and that it does not potentially reduce any cellulite. But, through a third party research published on their website, it was proven that the fasciablaster does indeed help in the loss of cellulite.

Despite the controversy surrounding the product, the fasciablaster does reduce pain and discomfort to a certain level. It improves blood flow and is also affordable. Due to these unique properties, it has achieved the name ‘Miracle Cellulite Treatment’.