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The Culprits That Causes Zits After Shaving

May 20, 2018 at 9:27 am 0 comments

Zits, popularly known as pimples happen when the oil gland gets impacted and infected with bacteria that causes pus and makes this look that people are very well familiar with. The common places for zits are the face, the chest, the back, the shoulders and the legs. For men, this is very common in the face and a common site after shaving. For some men, this is even synonymous with shaving.

Zits are very serious especially if that thing that you do are causing it (shaving). It’s not an excuse not to shave, while there are times where a beard makes you look good, having a very long beard is not that good. And there will be times that you would want to ditch that beard, like anniversaries and mother’s day. For men, the cause of the zits is the shaving, while it’s a common site, the fact is that it can be prevented especially if you know what causes your zits (the specific cause).

Zits after shaving

Your razor breaks your skin: The main culprit has always been your razor, it’s always the razor since this is the one that causes a break in the skin. As you know, a break in the skin is prone to infection. While a deeper shave has always feel good in the hands, it’s always prone to skin breaks, skin damage, discoloration and even scarring. The best way to avoid this is to be safe in choosing a razor, avoid those triple blade actions and even consider other shaving tools.

Your solutions aids with bacterial invasion: The shaving foam, shaving cream, aftershave, (what the heck) even soap (in rare occasions) can cause zits. And the only way that they will cause one is when you didn’t properly wash your face to remove the excess chemicals. These things are the culprits for the impacted oil glands which ultimately causes zits.

No proper cleaning can cause infection: Shaving is not just part of looks and appearance, it’s also about hygiene. Not really stating that guys with beards are dirty, but having a beard does require extra care and not most men are good at that. No proper cleaning can cause infection and this means not properly cleaning the shaving tools, not properly washing the chemicals aftershave and not properly washing the hands before shaving.

Zits are caused by a break in the skin and impaction of the oil gland. It has many causes and the common places for it are the face, the chest, the back, the shoulders and the legs. For men, the very common is the face and it usually occurs after shaving. Zits after shaving might be common, but this can be minimized or prevented as long as you know what causes it. The main culprit is your razor since it breaks the skin, it can also be your solutions like the shaving in foam, shaving cream, aftershave and even the soap if you ever use one since these things can cause impaction and no proper washing and cleaning of equipment and hands is also the common cause for it.