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How to Stand Out as a Writer

June 4, 2019 at 10:47 am 0 comments

In the world of writing, you should create your own unique style to stand out. Whatever you want to write, you should know that there is a high content turnover. This means that readers these days are in constant pursuit of something clever and original.

If you are just starting out, it is difficult to make your voice heard but it should not stop you. You have to persist like robert gillings and be the best version of yourself. You have to stop doubting yourself and become the artist that you truly are. Here are some tips to stand out as a writer:

Write something you are familiar with

When you just started writing, do not jump into unchartered waters immediately. You have to start with what you know and work your way. This means you have to write something you are familiar with. This way, it will be easier for you to immerse yourself into the setting or slip on your character’s shoes.

Be mindful of what you see

Inspiration is abundant if you are mindful of what you see around. Real people, real events and real emotions should inspire you. You should also reflect on small moments and let it guide your writing. For this to work, you have to take a step back and become aware of your surroundings.


Try to ignite many senses

As a writer, it is your job to ignite the senses of your readers. You are expected to take the readers to a new ride where they will feel everything. With this, you have to make sure that your imagery extends beyond description. You have to be specific with the descriptions and characterization. Remember that the subtlest movements can make a huge difference.

Refrain from using clichés

In times of uncertainty, it is easy to just fall back to clichés. It is normal that you borrow storyline from your favorite novels – as an inspiration. If you find yourself imitating the writing style of an author or poet, it is time to take a step back. Do not just fall back to clichés as it can thwart your originality.

Start turning objects into metaphors

Another tip is to start turning objects into metaphors, which can be fun and effective. This is an excellent way to get your creative juices pumping. To be successful, you should pick an item in your line of vision and start to write about it.

Write little every day

You should not stop writing because practice makes perfect. Keep in mind that the more you write, the more you will grow as a writer. In the end, you will be more aware of your writing style so you can improve on it.