Buying Used Car – All You Need To Know

A smart man always tries to save money and this eventually makes him wealthy. He always makes the right choice. One smart choice of a smart man is to buy old cars instead of spending huge money to buy used ones. The smart man knows that a car is not an investment, it is, in fact, a liability. So he saves money by not buying an expensive new car.

If you analyze the data from the website of TCA Auto, a quality used cars in Oahu, you will be convinced that buying a used car makes more sense. A 2010 Mercedes-Benz CLS 550 Coupe whose original price was $67000 is now being sold at $17000. A 2010 Jaguar XF Luxury of 46 thousand dollars is now sold at 14000 dollars. The current price of a 2004 Toyota Camry LE $5500 whose original price was $19810. This is the biggest reason why anyone would like to buy a used car.

Why A Used Car?

A new car depreciates faster. When you take the new car out of a dealership, it loses 20% of its value. It loses another 10% of its value in one year. So within a year, a car which was bought with $30,000 loses $9000. The rate of depreciation is not that fast as far as a used car is concerned.

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The insurance premium that one needs to pay for a new car is significantly higher than the premium of the insurance of a used car. The sales tax on the price of a new car is higher too.

Things To Examine Before Buying A Used Car

  1. Is the paperwork genuine? Do the chassis number and engine number match with the numbers written on the registration paper?
  2. Are the clutch and the brakes okay?
  3. Do the filters need replacement?
  4. Was the car involved in an accident in the past?

Things To Do After Buying A Used Car

  1. Have it checked by an experienced mechanic
  2. Clean it thoroughly
  3. Make sure that the ownership of the car now belongs to you

A smart buyer never lets his ego interfere with his decision. He knows that the journey is more important than the car. A significant amount of money can be saved if one buys a new car. With the money saved, he can do other meanigful things in his life.

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