Dealing With Mechanical Issues In A Used Car

Have you ever had a car breakdown on the side of the road? Every time you get in your used cars in sacramento, do you wonder if it will be reliable for many more miles?

If so, you may have been wondering what to do when something goes wrong. The key is to be prepared with a set of tools and supplies that everyone should keep handy in their trunk at all times. You may never use them but they will be there just in case.

Here are tips to dealing with common issues:

Tire Changes

If one of your tires goes flat, it is best to pull over in a safe spot as far from traffic as possible. It may be outside of the city. If you don’t have anything to change the tire with, call for help.

Making sure your trunk is always stocked will ensure that you can handle most of these issues on your own.

Spark Plugs

When one of your spark plugs blow, it can create a lot of smoke, which may trigger a check engine light. If that happens, you need to pull over to stop the smoke and provide the least amount of danger for other drivers. The best thing to do is remove the dangling spark plug cable from the car and place it on top of your vehicle. This will draw attention to you while others drive by. You can then safely change the spark plug.

Engine Noise

If you hear the engine make a slight noise when you accelerate or decelerate, it may be a sign that you have something wrong underneath the hood. It could be just a hiccup in the timing belt and need to be replaced in order to fix the problem. If there is more than just a slight noise, then you should call for help from one of your trusted mechanics.

Fluid Leaks

If you notice a small puddle of fluid on the ground below your car, it’s best to pull over and stop right there. This can be easy to overlook but a leak can translate into a lot of problems. If one of your tires gets low on air, it can create an even bigger leak that will make more damage in the near future.

Air Bags

Some drivers may find it quite easy to replace their own tire pressure. Others may find it too complicated. Either way, you should be familiar with how to do this to avoid any surprises.


If one of your windows doesn’t work on your car, then you may want to pull over at the nearest exit ramp after one of you discover that information is needed for the other vehicle’s air bag to work properly. Use a flashlight and remove the glass from the window so that it doesn’t shatter on impact.

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