Low or high voltage, stay unaffected with VSR

Are you afraid that your electrical wire may fire up and cause problems? Or do you hate it when there is a short circuit due to high or low voltage, and everything gets disrupted? Are you have to start on your project all over again, because you weren’t able to save it? That can be highly disappointing. And we surely understand and might be able to help. Ever heard of Voltage sensitive relay? Well, if not, now you do. It is also known as VSR. And this will be the solution for all your electrical voltage woes.

Voltage sensitive relay is mostly installed in inverters, chargers and used in most automobiles and boats and the likes. It is a tiny device that can easily fit in any circuit board, even in your mobile charger.It will do you a great deal of good than harm. VSR has a set of low and high voltage where they will get to work according to these set of voltage. In case the power voltage in the main circuit system is high, or in case if it is too low, then you can expect VSR to come to your rescue right away. Isn’t that like a hero? Yeah, kind of. And yes, it is affordable and will save you a lot of headache.

VSR can also act as a form of adapter where if your motor batteries, or any batteries that is connected with the vsr gets low, then it will automatically put the battery to charge. Or in the opposite case, if the battery is getting over charged, then it will cut off the power and will save your battery, not just for the time being but also in the long run, from damage.

Oh yes! Our mobile phone batteries can often be a victim of over charging. We put it to charge before going off to sleep, and then slept off. And who gets up in the middle of the night to check it the charge is full? Not most of us. And that can be fatal for our phone batteries, and our phones too, of course. So, be on the safe side and get yourself a vsrand save your electrical assets too!


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