As we all know, planning financially is one key reason to become successful and secured but still many people who have financial capabilities still do not capitalize the advantages of venturing into financial planning which could risk their funds into mismanagement. In this article, let me show you the ten reasons why you should start investing in financial planning.

Before we go to the list, first, we have to know first what is financial planning. Financial planning is the comprehensive evaluation of an investor’s financial state whether it is his/her current or future stance and it also uses currently known variable to foresee cash flows, asset values, and withdrawal.

long term financial goals

People who utilize financial planning hires financial planners to use their current net worth, asset allocation, tax liabilities, developing financial plans as well as planning out the future retirement and estate plans. These numbers are used to estimate the development such as grown of a person’s financial status that will be used to assess the future or measures that must be taken in order to keep on track.

Financial planning is the key to determine a person’s short term and long term financial goals which in return creates a balanced planning to achieve these goals so here’s the nine reasons that you should learn.

  1. Savings- You should save money aside from setting it aside for the rainy days. We are not aware of the sudden changes in our financial status because of unforeseen circumstances that might take place so it is important to have a relatively good investment with high liquidity.
  2. Assets- Assets serve as your cushion but it also comes with liabilities. You should determine your real financial asset and disperse all your liabilities through financial planning.
  3. Financial knowledge- If there is financial planning, the person involved in it has also the chance to learn and understand its importance, its technicalities to further improve their financial goal.
  4. Living standards- The savings that have been established because of good financial planning can be used as emergency funds to maintain a person’s standards of living especially to a person which serves as the family’s breadwinner.
  5. Investment- Having a good standing financial planning helps a person to choose the right investment that is suitable for his/her personality and financial goals.
  6. Security- It is important to be financially prepared not just for you but for your family. Financial planning also covers insurance coverage and policies for the entire family.
  7. Capital- The better financial planning a person has, the more increasing cash flow they will have which results to an increase of their capital, which in return will be used in numerous reasons such as business.
  8. Cash flow- If there is a close monitoring of the financial stand of a person through financial planning, this will result in an increase in his/her cash flow through patterns and expenses.
  9. Income- If carefully managed; a person can earn an income through his/her financial planning. Managing the income also results to understand tax payments and other expenditures.

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