The New Jersey district witnessed another outstanding innovation by Paramus school- a unique way of announcing school closure due to a snowy day.  There was a reason before also that made them stand out of the crowd and it was its unique combined approach of a traditional school and a home school. Now, this extraordinary style of announcing a holiday made them favorites for a large number of people. Check out more form this important source.

What’s  The Matter About?

 Michele Robinson from Paramus school released a music video on the declaration of the school’s Thursday closure.  It is sung in the tune of “Baby, it’s cold outside”. This video, featured Michele Robinson, the respected superintendent of the school singing the song “ There’s no school today”.

Through this video, she wanted to give a message to her students that the school will remain closed on Thursday to avoid the adverse conditions carried by the northeastern storm.

This unique approach touched the heart of a noticeable quantity of Facebook users. They released the video on the most trendy social media, Facebook and it touched a view count of 2,00,000 times over the night.  So, you can easily get an idea of the level of creativity of the school administration.


It’s a compact footage of one minute and forty-one seconds. Here, Michele Robinson arrives her office and puts the receiver to the ears singing “ I wonder if I should cancel school” and she seeks related advice from the students and the teachers and describes if everybody would get outside in the vigorous snowstorm, they might face severe gust at the time of the drive. Michele Robinson AND superintendent office were featured in this particular scene. This indicates her intense care for his stuff and students. The video also shows Michele Robinson and bus along with the students who are enjoying the snow session by throwing snowballs to each other.

With this video release, Paramus school once again proved their selves as ideal innovators who handle their student as their own family. This school believes in sustainable teamwork that has helped them to cross the beautiful journey of thirty years.  Undoubtedly they set a remarkable high expectation for their students.

They believe in equipping their students with the fine blend of innovation and advent technology to grow up smartly and chase their dream with a more energetic approach. This is the reason for this video release. They want to keep it as an inspiration in front of their students that carries a message, innovation is everywhere.  They prefer to motivate their students to walk on the way of excellence and naturally they will react to its destination, that is a success.

This is really admirable that this school has come up with a beautiful way that helps our beloved kids to learn easily, swiftly and happily. The syllabus is no more a nightmare, nor the school bags are as heavy as a demon stone. Education is only a key to a joyous door with a lot of fun behind that.

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