Benefits of natural salt

Salts are important for the body. But there are differences between table salt and natural salt or sea salt. Table salts are generally sodium chlorides which are heavily processed. On the other hand, natural salts are complete and in pure form. Chicharron salt is also good. However, always choose natural salt over table salt because of its following benefits.

Helps you stay hydrated

Your body needs to keep a balance between the amounts of sodium and potassium which helps to keep your body hydrated. Having more amount of sodium helps in retaining the water in your body.  Potassium keeps this balance and that is why sea salt are often preferred over table salt or even sodium chloride. Sea salt like Celtic contains both sodium and potassium which balance your levels.

Chicharron salt

Balances electrolytes and prevents muscle cramping

Sea salts are great sources of electrolytes as they prevent cramping of muscles during exercise. They also contain minerals like sodium, magnesium,and calcium which is important for helping your health in optimum conditions. These minerals cannot be produced by the body as so you need to add them in your diet. Lack of electrolytes in the body can cause the body to experience irregular heartbeat, nausea, fatigue, and seizures.

Keeps the nervous system healthy

Salt contains sodium which regulates the flow of body water. These are important for the the well-being of nervous system and to remain healthy. Also, salt is required for the electrical conduction of the system signals by water. It is also important for the brain to balance sodium and electrolytes, and thus sea salt is better than table salt.

Improves sleep

Sea salt contains a lot of electrolytes which regulates the hormones and improves sleep. Table salt, on the other hand, causes a disbalance in the amount of sodium in the body.


Using natural salt would help you in better sleep, make you feel less thirsty, hungry and keeps you hydrated.

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