Hamed Wardak: A Philanthropist for All Seasons

Hamid Wardak came to be known from one of the play titles of Sir Thomas Moore to describe a person who has dealt with almost every situation imaginable in his philanthropic and business pursuits. Born in Kabul, Afghanistan, the eminent personality spent his growing years in Pakistan and then the United States where he began his career as the Managing Director of International Operations for Technologists, incorporating several designs and built numerous contracts. His developing endeavors were in close connection with the U.S government’s Department of Defense and the United States Agency.

Being the son of General Abdul Rahim Wardak who fought against Soviet occupation in the 1980s, Hamid Wardak was one of the six million refugees who fled Afghanistan during the war. Graduated as a class valedictorian from Georgetown University, Hamid successfully managed mergers and acquisitions for Merrill Lynch and started up his startup apparel firm called Ludas Athletics. His title “Valen of Wicked” is solely credited to his music production company. Known as a Rhodes scholar for graduating in Political Theory, Wardak earned almost to last several lifetimes just at the age of 42.


The Man and His Mission –

Knowing for his high-spirited entrepreneurial pursuits right from his initial years, Hamid was recommended by Lynch company for handling high profile business managers. Later sought firmly by a high-profile construction company called Technologists, Inc., the man took on the role of that company’s Managing Director of International Business and handled extensive workload of both government and private sectors.

He is also equally known to be serving as a contributing author for the Huffington Post as he orchestrated several mandates and risky outputs for the Post that mainly spoke of the vulnerable times he grew up in and of his experiences concerning his home country and those citizens who were suffering at that vehement time in history.

The success of the business that he delved into the art of finding the best of hiring talent for full progress is hugely debted to Hamid Wardak. Potentially, he took on the right people to build the correct opportunities to make the world a better place for the business sector and its entwining subsidiaries.

Later, the man not settling to the professional business sector also found his growing interest in the music producing career. Founded the name of Valen of Wicked in techno music, the name means everything to him than what it implies. Wicked is simply not evil, but a reflection of his childhood ethos, and it is the two joints of valiance and honor that gave him purpose to communicate with the masses that he keeps on producing relevant music not found hitherto.

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