Ryan Kavanaugh Video Interview: Announced Opening of ‘The Fight Club’

Snoop Dogg – the rapper joined hands with Ryan Kavanaugh for ultimate fighting combat called “The Fight Club”.

Ryan’s Video Interview

In his video interview with TMZ Sports, Ryan Kavanaugh said that the world is going to experience a new way to look at Boxing Fights; the old way is going to be curtained by this all-new concept. The fights are going to be more than interesting and will be more than just fights. Entertainment and liveliness are going to be traced there with Snoop Dogg.

Ryan further added – Snoop Dogg is going to be the face of the whole league. Snoop will be the announcer and the official spokesperson for the league, The Fight Club.

Ryan future added that Snoop Dogg is going to the face of the whole League. 

The Hands Together – Ryan and Snoop

Ryan shared that He and Snoop are partners for more than ten years and have worked on various projects together. He travelled with Snoop, composed music together, done movies in collaboration, worked for a dog food company called Gog for Dog, etc.

Now Ryan’s Thriller – a subsidiary of Proxima, will work with Snoop for this project. 

The Snoop Things

The Fight Club – ultimate pro-boxing combat will be kind of the first of many events in the league. Snoop Dogg is going to be the special celebrity announcer. Snoop will announce the fights, represent the league, along being a partner. Ryan future added – Snoop will be the proactive face who will help set up the fights and make music acts for the league. 

What’s So Special 

Ryan Kavanaugh Video interview indicated that the fight is going to be massive. Ryan shared that The Fight Club is going to have diversity inside. Ryan is working to bring all there, from popular celebrities, musicians, film stars to social media influencers and athletes from different sports fields. Everybody is going to watch the pro-boxers and their ultimate combat in an ultra-entertaining way. 

Final words of Ryan.

Ryan shared that they got the promoter’s licence for the league, so there will be no issues as we have to deal with promoters in-between.

The pro-boxing league is going to be massive in its format and with no sanctioned fights.

Ryan concluded by saying that the production of this league costs more than any fight ever did, and Ryan, Snoop, along with their team, is working to deliver the best experience at home.


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