What are the responsibilities of the National Police?

Police are one of the most abundant bodies of each country. They are the maximum visible representative of the country’s government. When people find them in any danger or trouble, the first name that comes to mind is Police. The creation of this organization took place to handle all the society operations and keep maintain the laws in the country. When a citizen found himself in danger, he calls the police for his help. In order to maintain the laws or sort out the citizen’s problems, police stations have been made throughout the country. One can go to the police station where all kinds of complaints are noted by the policeman and then they take the required action to solve the cases. Police are a very important part of our society by all means. Every state has its separate police force. But they all are interconnected and centrally organised by the government. If the police of any state are handling a case and they need the help of another state’s police for investigation so together they pursue the inquiry of the case and solve it. There are many responsibilities played by the National Police Association what they take in any situation:

law enforcement agencies

  1. Law enforcement: It is the responsibility of a police officer to maintain the law and order in society. They investigate the crime and catch criminals. But their duty does not end here. From domestic violence to all kinds of operations in societies are handled by the policemen.
  2. Prevent crimes: A police officer never goes on leave and he always keeps himself ready for duty. They are always ready to stop crime wherever they are. Police presence prevents crimes from being in society
  3. Help in an emergency: Whenever anyone needs help at the time of emergency like accident, domestic violence, fights, etc. he can contact the police on helpline number. They take only minutes to reach the destination and help the needy.
  4. Give support service: In addition, they provide many support services to the citizens. It may be crowd controlling or unblock the street sections.

Conclusion: Police is a dynamic organization of our society. Their responsibilities towards the country and citizens are countless. But if we talk general their responsibility is to stop crime in the city and maintain the law and order between the citizens. Police officers do their job without stopping.

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