What You Can Learn Fron Brandon Webb

Brandon Webb had a very highly successful career in the military. When he retired, it was expected that he would settle in a little quiet place with his family. For most men that have seen war, that is a perfect retirement set-up. But not Brandon Webb. If you read about his story you know that it wasn’t in his plans. Brandon Webb navy seal was the name that he was known for, and that is a very proud name.

Brandon Webb Navy SealWhat most people don’t know is that Brandon Webb has a much bigger plan for himself. Rather than staying low and talk to some convention or train a few navy seals on his skills, he aimed for something more and ventured to a business venture. Although everybody rooted for him to succeed,  he failed in his business venture and he almost lost everything from his family, to his savings and to his house.

He got back up: After what happened, he moved into a smaller apartment and tried his best to look for a job. Although any job would be great, he got really lucky and was able to secure a high paying job in the defense department. The job was good,  with that job he was able to slowly pull his way back up, started to pay back a few people that trusted his failed business and everything was going well.

He ventured again: Although for most people, they would stick to that job, Brandon Webb wasn’t any other people. Again, instead of what most people expected of him, he did the unthinkable. He knows that many people would die to get his position and he was thankful for it, but there was something about him being drawn to what failed. He wanted to try again and tried he did. Although many people don’t want him to do it he did it anyway with the support of his family. Armed with new hope and knowledge, he quit his job and dived back in again. But this time he became successful.

Brandon Webb Navy SealWhat can you learn from his experience: The experience and the story by Brandon Webb Navy Seal is not just for him. Its for all people to know,  why? Because there’s a lesson in it. The lesson is to jump into the shallow waters and have faith in your gut feeling that your business will work. As long as you know the formula to succeed, the chances in success are high.

Brandon Webb’s story is not just any other story from the vets. Sure he has some good stories to tell and skill to boast, but there was also another side of him that people never though. He was fearless and his belief to succeed has never wavered even if he had failed. Anyone can be like him, you don’t even have to be a war vet to figure that out. He’s telling you to venture into business and never be afraid venturing in one because its the one things that will give you financial freedom. Unlike how he had it, with how it is today there are many means to go into business and succeed even if you have very low funds. Read his book.

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