What protein to take in each moment? Different types and uses

protein supplements is the most consumed supplement in the world, and it is easy to know why. In addition to being practical, it is a high quality protein, with a very fast digestion, providing in a short time the nutrients that the muscles need to grow and regenerate. It is not a supplement in itself, but we could consider it an indispensable element in our diet, especially because most do not come with food to the daily protein needs, and because it is a way to take proteins much cheaper than eating meat or fish in all our meals.

muscle building

How to know the quality of a protein

  • To know if that protein really brings benefits, we must take into account different indicators such as:
  • In order to judge the quality of each protein source and its usefulness in preserving and repairing muscle tissues, we must use the biological value of proteins, which is defined as the proportion of protein that is actually retained and used. by the organism.
  • But not only who practices muscle building can take advantage of the benefits of protein supplements. It can also be used for those who have difficulty obtaining enough protein in their diet or for example have gone through an operation.
  • But not everything remains whey protein, but there are different types that can help us more at certain times of the day. That is why we are going to study them all and know which ones interest us the most in each moment and according to our objectives.

Types of proteins

We are going to see the different types of proteins that we can find, distinguishing mainly between vegetable proteins and animal proteins. Let’s see more in depth each group.

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