How I adapted my house to pay less electricity

For more than three years a man  have been independent , he  living in a second-hand apartment where two people live and there is also the GIGA4 office .

Preamble: What is really paid as electricity consumption?

Power term:

The amount of electricity that you can consume at the same time in your home, this simply defines metaphorically “how fat is the cable” and therefore how much you can consume at a given time. This comes to cost € 3,170286 / kW / month.

Consumption :

The amount of electricity you use in your home. It costs approximately 0.133 € / kWh.

Taxes :

They add a little more than 26% to the cost of the invoice.

electricity consumption


The first thing that must be done to reduce the electricity consumption is to be efficient. How can this be done without changing habits? Being a little strategist and knowing what to connect to electricity.

LED lighting

They are simply light bulbs that give light like all , but they consume approximately 7-10 times less than one of incandescence (the filament ones), 1.5-3 times less than those of low consumption, they do not contain mercury (which is a toxic fume as you are break at home) and last much longer.

Does it come to mind? one of the main company . Let’s see for example in my office where the light bulb is lit approximately 5 hours a day in winter and 3 in summer, an average of 4 hours a day in a year (1460h / year):

  • Incandescent 75W
  • Consumption: 75W * 1460h = 109kWh
  • Consumption cost: 109kWh * 0.167 € = 18.2 €
  • Approximate duration 1.000h -> 1 year.
  • Therefore only its consumption is € 18.2 / year.
  • Low consumption of 15W
  • Consumption: 15W * 1460h = 21.9kWh
  • Consumption cost: 21.9kWh * 0.167 € = 3.6 €
  • Approximate duration 5,000h -> 4 years (€ 4 / bulb, sale at € 1 / year).
  • Therefore half of consumption and cost of light bulb will cost us 4.6 € / year.

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