Repair the garage doors and get the maintenance done on time


Whether you are working on a home, commercial, or agricultural project, the team of experts in the Hamilton region would be glad to assist you with your requirements. Active Door can help you with any garage door system repair or maintenance that you may need. The highly trained experts are acquainted with most door and opener manufacturers and the required hardware like tracks, rollers, and springs, among other things. It is strongly advised that you get your hamilton garage door repair to ensure that it is in good working order and that you have a piece of mind.

Problems with the Automatic Door Opener Transmitter

If your garage door opener is not functioning correctly, the transmitter in the remote may be malfunctioning. Changing the batteries is the first thing you should do to see if it helps fix the problem.If it doesn’t work, try using the switch in your garage to open and close the door. If the door opens and closes appropriately when the switch is used, the remote may be faulty and must be replaced.

hamilton garage door repair

Broken or failing springs in your garage should be repaired as soon as possible to prevent additional damage to your garage door system and any potential mishaps from occurring. A damaged spring indicates that your Door is unable to support its weight. When you raise your Door, the chances of it falling are very significant because the springs cannothelp the importance. The repair is also a technical task that necessitates the use of professionals.

Generally speaking, garage doors are located towards the rear of the house, with some being situated in the front. These doors are big enough to enable cars to pass through them without hitting the threshold. Their primary material is metal, but they may also be constructed of wood or fiberglass.

Garage doors may be controlled manually or an electric garage door opener to open and close the door. You may hear a squeaky sound that becomes louder with time when you open and close your garage door. Depending on the situation, it may become difficult to open and shut the door unless you apply significant force to the operation. This is a warning sign that your garage door springs need to be inspected and replaced. The garage door springs are in charge of dispersing the weight of your garage door appropriately, allowing it to be operated with ease.

Unexpectedly, the door opens and closes on you.

When your neighbour’s garage door remotes utilise the same frequency as yours, this is a frequent problem to encounter. Try changing the frequency on your garage door opener and remotes to see if it helps fix the issue.


The Door opens partially but does not entirely close.

Modern garage doors are equipped with photo eye sensors, which are positioned at ground level on each side of the Door on either side. When there is a problem with the photo eye sensors, the Door will open automatically.

However, when you attempt to shut it, it just closes partially before reopening. Check to see if any obstacles are preventing the sensors from working correctly. If there are any, make sure they are moved out of the way. Otherwise, clean the lenses on the sensors to eliminate any dust or debris accumulated over time.

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