Things You Must Know Before Getting Started with Home Additions

The lighting of a house has a great impact on the mood of the inhabitants of the house. It affects the ambiance and aesthetics of a house. Thus choosing proper lighting is essential. Nowadays, bulb lights have become out of fashion. They have been replaced with downlights. Downlights are versatile and can be used anywhere in the house, be it a bathroom, living room, bedroom, etc.;home additions are common.

What is a downlight?

A downlight is a lighting arrangement where the light is fixed in the ceiling. It appears as if the light is emitted directly from the ceiling itself. The main function of this light is that it emits light straight under where it is placed and does not spread it in the room. He ensures brighter lighting and creates special attention in the area which it lights. For example, a kitchen downlight installed over the dishwasher will only light the area and be lighted clearly.

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Characteristics of a downlight

There are varioustypes of downlights available based on their light color or purpose of usage.  Now the question will arise as that why you should install a downlight. The answer is its characteristics or features. They are:

  • They give a modern and contemporary look to the house.
  • Since the lights are built into the house’s ceiling, the lights don’t occupy the visible space, and thus, the house looks more spacious.
  • These lights are LED lights and consume very little energy, yet they last for thousands of hours, thus making your house eco-friendly.

Different types of downlights

There are various types of downlights. They can be classified according to their wattage, design, style, and special features. Home additions, bedroom downlights, living room downlights,and bathroom downlights are types of downlights based on where they are installed by zenith design + build. High wattage, medium wattage, and low wattage are downlights based on the power of the light.

Downlights are installed in multiple numbers in a room, and the number of lights required is decided based on the height and size of the room. Square feet multiplied by 1.5 can give you the wattage requirement of a downlight.

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