What You Need to Know About California Boating Accident

During summer, many people in California enjoy boating. In fact, there are about four million recreational boaters who visit the marinas, rivers, lakes and the ocean. As much as it is enjoyable, it can cause different accidents. Even with boating safety courses, it is clear that not all are paying much attention when boating.

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According to the California State Parks Division of Boating & Waterways (DBW), there were a total of 488 boating accidents, 242 injuries and 53 fatalities recorded in 2017. This is a serious number. The state law requires a boat owner or operator to report boating accident to the DBW especially if it results in death, injury or disappearance of the person, damage to the vessel or other property beyond $500, and complete loss of a vessel.

DBW specifically emphasized that the reports should be submitted within 48 hours of the accident especially if it involves death within 24 hours of the accident, injury beyond first aid and disappearance of the person. It is time that you understand the California Boating Accident Laws. Here are some things that you should know about boating accident law and compensation:

When does a boating accident happen?
Whether it is in California or other coastal states, the definition of a boating accident is pretty much the same. Boating accident happens when a boat is involved in a disaster that causes damages, injuries and even death. The watercraft operators should remember that they have a legal responsibility to operate in a safe manner. Boating accident includes small boats, cruise ships, navy vessels, and canoes.

What are the causes of boating accidents?
Boating accidents happen when the watercraft operator is not paying attention or if he is inexperienced. Boating accidents also happen when the boats collide or overloaded. In some cases, it can happen when the boat malfunctions. When you look closely, boating accidents are not related to water or weather conditions but more linked to the negligence of operators.

What to do if you decide to collect compensation?
If you suffered injuries from a boating accident, you are entitled to collect compensation. Keep in mind that any type of accident can directly change your life. You will encounter police, doctors, insurance company and other people to recover compensation. Going through the battle is stressful especially if you are alone.

This is the time that you consider https://levinsonlawgroup.com/boating-accidents/. You will need a legal representative that will assist you with the claiming so you can concentrate more on your recovery. To prove that you have a strong claim, you should establish that you were caused harm through someone else’s negligence. If there are more people responsible for your injuries, the liability will be divided between them.

auto accident lawyerWhat kind of compensation can be claimed?
It is a crime to operate a boat negligently. If you have been involved in a boating accident and suffered injuries, you are entitled to receive financial compensation for your losses. The compensation will include medical treatment, loss of wages, lost earning capacity, and punitive damages.

A boating accident is serious. If you are the operator, you need to stay alert. Do not hop on a boat and drive away if you do not have the necessary training or license to mitigate damages.

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