Want to know about the hemangiosarcoma disease in golden retrievers

Cancer is one of the leading health diseases that cause the death for humans today. Not only is it caused for the people, even for their pet animals. In which Hemangiosarcoma is found to be a very common disease in certain breeds of dogs especially the golden retrieves are mostly affected with this disease. The Hemangiosarcoma is a type of cancers in Golden Retrievers that is found when there is a malignant and aggressive tumor of blood vessels forms in the body of dog. It the tumor blood vessels grow rapidly and it is highly invasive one. Unfortunately the dogs that suffer with this cancer issue don’t usually show any signs until the tumor has grown very large and making it hard to treat them. Eventually the tumor ruptures and its causes are extensive bleeding one in which the people who know completely about the dog breeds can often find out that they have hemangioscarma disease only after the pet animal falls into  bed.

golden retriever’s dog breeds

Four different types of the Hemangiosarcoma

There are four types of the hemangioscarma cancer disease that affects the health of dogs especially it is found in the golden retriever’s dog breeds. The dermal hemangioscarma is the skin form of cancer where this cancer appears as black or red growth on the skin areas of dogs that have the least hair. The following are different types of cancers in golden retrievers where this can be found only in this kind of dog breed.

  • Visceral hemangioscarma – Type of cancer that affects dog’s spleen
  • Subcutaneous hemangioscarma – underneath skin cancer
  • Visceral hemangioscarma – Cancer that affects the dog’s heart
  • Dermal hemangioscarma – Skin cancer

Among the different types of cancer in the golden retriever dog breed the dermal type of cancer can be prevented easily by not allowing the breed to be sunlight for more time. In general the dermal cancer disease is caused by too much sun exposure so it can be prevented easily by protecting the breed.

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