Why People Buy CBD Products for Horses Online

A lot of people who are horse owners think that it’s just too hard to find a place where they can buy CBD products for horses and talk with someone who understands the intricacies of CBD. This is why they turn to the internet and start doing their research on what kinds of CBD products they should get for their horse.


This post is going to explain why people buy CBD products for horses online, how the cannabis industry has impacted the price, and how you can use hemp-derived CBD (legal in all 50 states) instead. We’ll also go into what types of things you should be looking for when buying any type of hemp product so that it will truly be safe for your animal.


If you’re looking for CBD for your horse, please keep in mind that we are NOT licensed, veterinarians. Please talk to your vet if you’re interested in trying a hemp-derived CBD product.


If you live in a state where medical or recreational cannabis is not legal, it’s safe to say that the regulations on this industry are still kind of skewed. Even though CBD products are legal, they might not pass animal test standards, which is why some companies will choose not to sell their products here.


That being said, there are many types of hemp-derived products that contain safe amounts of CBD and other cannabinoids.


When it comes to looking for the right CBD product, you have to find a company that has been selling this stuff for a while and is willing to take the time and do the research on what it takes to make safe products.

CBD for horses


The biggest reason people buy CBD products online is that they can find them cheaper. What people forget to think about is the quality of these products. Many of these companies are selling their hemp-derived CBD products as if they are full-spectrum cannabis extract. The FDA doesn’t regulate this industry, so they do not have to show you a certificate of analysis (COA). If you’re buying from a dispensary or medical marijuana shop, you should ask for one.


Buying CBD hemp oil products online is something that should make you keep a lot of questions at the forefront of your mind. If a CBD company doesn’t show you its COA, what’s going to stop them from making false claims about the amount of CBD in its product? It’s clearly in their best interest to have full-spectrum “CBD” when it may only contain trace amounts. Go into this knowing that there are companies out there who are looking out for the well-being of animals, but there are also companies who will sell you snake oil.

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